Monday, December 27, 2010

Nebulous Soliloquy with PsychoTronic Interface to God



Anonymous said...

finally new stuff, 2011 is here now what ?

Anonymous said...

Wow. Incredible piece. Great imagery, and I definitely resonated with some of the points. I'll be digesting that one a while, I'm sure.

dead men tell new tales said...

very enjoyable viewing for a stone(d)- cold Tuesday morning. happy new year to you all, and thanks to Steve for another wonderful video.

a GrebBear said...

Brilliant ... and painful ))
... too rich to take in one sitting, yet, too tasty to take in small portions ))

From my personal perspective, 'integration' on an audio level (when recorded) is slow moving, ... a different story, face 2/two face. This said, a transcript would be great )) ... the 'pause' and contemplate works, and when the content is this rich (... and it certainly is), the effort is beyond worth, thank you.

Nice to see another 'high' quality production, from one of the sharper tools in the 's'he'd' ))

i haven't commented just to say thank you ... but, certainly would have, Thank YOU ))

i have nearly finished an {{invention = art project}} that equivocally proves, that all the energy that ever was and all the energy that ever will be ... are here now = energy can not be created nor destroyed, so it must 'all' be here now.

Its a simple 'action' creating a 're-action' ... which triggers the 'action' again ))

i'd love to talk about the far reaching ramifications of the project (internal and external energy), once its complete (2 weeks maximum, with video) ... since during the construction a very clear message was also conveyed ... all about Peace of Mind and OUR sixth sense, experiencing OUR five senses as vibrations, in the timeless NOW.

i'm sincere, and i'm seeking outlets to share the knowledge with ALL of humanity ... i hope you're interested ??

Happy Holidays )

a GrebBear

Peace Love Light TRUTH
(- ;
; -)

ps ... please send me an email and WE can talk about 'light'-ening the 'load' (= limitations) humanity is involuntarily carrying.

piety piet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
piety piet said...

i can delete but the next entry i need to log in again?
that is a setting one can change i am sure

piety piet said...

i will be honest and admit i visited fruitlessly hoping for a fix .. between your last and latest.

now i will be impolite and ask you for some imagery sources, care to divulge any? Or do you have a stash from 10 years worth of leaf turning, scanning ... or these kinds of (google image) searches (from before managed to save the kind of 'work' aborted and austerized nowadays praps?):

hippie imagery 203.000x
hippy imagery 3,550,000x
hippie art over 2 miljan
hippy art over 1 miljan
psychedelic art over 3 miljan (Rampage, very old time digital presence from Nimbin stock, fucking and hippying like it's religion, discovered only a few months ago)
hermitec .. yeah, i wish .... but i will be mum until cities themselves become nomadic and macho's associalize and immediate their force in ways that serve life, not death,

this is what happened when trying to find if you credit anybody with being good image sources at all someplace: i read a comic ...ehhrr, i mean comment pointing at you here

sigh, .. if i ever and in as much as i set out consciously to head these guys of and give them some serious competition i should not have spent any juvenile, infantile even, time to outdo and outwow on the pixelcombo front ... they go for conventional black on white textwise but are extremely sparing with that, .. no doubt to leave more space for the killer colour nuance. Then they do pathetic podcasts over them, complaining about being starved for content despite 'their'* good money, in heavy grown up voices that belie their neglect, overcooked in fantasy land ... no orchard and forest nor treehouse and permaculture available to save them from their own minds. It's a given. It's a culture (culture of occupation is perhaps better callled occulture). Tragic.

how are purchases of comics funded? any stats? my ideas of multistory (perhaps even multi)family tree nurse mother care praxis (kill politricks kindle branchotecs).

Now that i think about it, a tree is the ultimate rocket ship .... say we did have a 1000 year consistent of keeping biomass and diversity coming. By that time all regions will have their heirlooms back and much more. no unemployment, no pollution, suspension technique aplenny .. and ... more than that, rock fed into compost feeding trees. It's quite simple really.

piety piet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
piety piet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
piety piet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
piety piet said...

To end the changing luck struggles between and amongst races, genders and classes we need to quit face- and start interfacebooking.
Curious innit, that facebook offers a face and a few spare hints, up front, then, for all the rest one needs to log in. That devious Zuckerman is prolly just a calculating cunt, specially if/when not 'van voornemen' (intending) to follow up a huge string of social media (as money once was, before macho market mono-this, -that and the other started dominating the scene).

Either way, he or some other bodies need to put some flesh on the bare bone brushstroke outline/promise of 'life after television' (Gilder) and (Lehman's vids, posted just before going under the knife due to eyetrouble ((telling that)) in april staying offline since) to just name a few milestones along that long road i happen to look back down, walk, and criss-cross.

the facebookies cynically realized that mating modes and frenzies cause the craziest risk taking ... and we are doing so more massively and collectively with each wave of syncromustism ... i mean, let's 'face' it, much like the skew and imbalance in the debates over biomass and bio-diversity, we can look at syncs and sinksorrows as melody and beat.

Financially speaking, from bundlings of fairly abstract, not to mention obscured amounts to amassments (read only, real time) of sentiments, urgings amongst and surgings through the masses (perhaps the 'invisible feet' would be an apt concept) prolly takes pgprivacy and pgpublicity at either end with lots of openness and openings in between.

We'll return to proffer formulay opinion on facade facage, angling stuff to better face different its different facets and aspect ( handy when trying to break up all to clump cluster cliquey shit too, thereby making these remarks the continuation of a note i wrote on breaking rather than sawing firewood on Drew's blog the other day).

ps, check out DaringGirlProduction a pretty lass who wants to know how to autoloop ... or rather why one of her vids is autolooped ... like yours is here. i have bad experiences with that at this end, pausing it helps.

Markoff Chaney said...

Love it, Steve! Theodor Adorno on acid. More please

Anonymous said...

When you expand the mind enough you create room to view the incredible forms which the bar-less imagination can create; and how they can transform your world and view of reality.

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