Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Genetic Hybridization, The Nines, and The Amnesiac Godhead

Ryan Reynolds our double R and thus double 9 resonator as R is equal to 18+18 which can be seen as 1 +8 = 9 mirrored.. or 18 divided by 2 equals 9/mirrored.. is our amnesiac godhead.. creating microcosms within the microcosm.. as he is a god masquerading as human.. creating a virtual reality video game world within the creation of his own mind. This metaphor is an important comparison to the creational abilities within us all.. Are you a 9? Or a 7 trapped in a nine's world? Perhaps you're even an 8.. a being which corresponds with the godhead to keep creation moving.. to make sure the code doesn't have any wholes or cracks or Deja vu's ~ Perhaps you keep existence moving in all directions infinite.. Perhaps we all do to some degree..

Reynolds is a hunter of the Shape Shifting Prince of Vampires in Blade Trinity.. A Film produced by Wesley Snipe's "Amen Ra Films" ~ Tying the immortal serpent imagery to ancient Egypt.. they resurrect Dracula in a tomb located in the Syrian Dessert.. Enhancing the mental image of the ancient Annunaki Stargate device that may in fact still be buried under the sands of the region.. and may be the true motive behind America's relentless pursuit to occupy the area using oil as a scapegoat for their true intentions. In one prominent Conspiratorial circle.. It is widely believed.. the 13 Illuminated families.. or what some might consider the Merovingian bloodline.. is a clan of humans with a variation of genetics in which almost 50% of the phenotype the being exhibits is representative of an ancient alien race which hybridized the DNA of neanderthal type beings leading to the creation and genesis of the modern human being.. This bloodline can be traced back to the pharonic lines and beyond into ancient Sumer and Babylon. Barack Obama is in fact a part of this bloodline.. being related to both President George bush and Vice President Cheney.. and even Brad Pit of all people.

Notice how the Annunaki bloodline Star Brad Pit and the genetically altered Edward Norton (The Hulk)stand before the Octagon Stargate in the film Fight Club.. Both Personalities being one in the same, increasingly adds to the resonance of the God with amnesia philosophy. There is an interesting subtlety involving Tesla energy.. and the magnetization and brain washing phenomenon.. As we see the VHS tape aesthetically linked to the monolith in 2001.. as well as Jack Black's ability to erase the content of all the video's in the store.. in bee kind rewind.. an identical process Brad Pitt and Edward Norton undertake in "Fightclub" ~ accompanied by a brief picture of the octagonal "Independence Day" alien star ship in the Blockbuster window display. As we reclaim the knowledge of that which is infinite ~ We also achieve further insight that this reality is in temporary flux ~ and that we are in fact creational gods who just want to god back where we came from after this huge galactic education.. We just very simply want to go back home.

Latest Red Ice Interview:

Jake Kotze:

Alex Grey ~ COSM: Please stop by Alex's site and support his mind melting progress in the field of merging Art and human spirituality ~ He is truly a master and rare spiritual being ~ A gift on this Earth. ;D

Bill Hicks as Goat Boy:

Bill on acid and amnesiac godhead


blogoolged said...

Wow dude, this is some good stuff... I'm leaving for a "monumental" research trip to see all the ley line stitches next month and am going to take plenty of pictures and rubbings of each and every place. At this point I distrust bias 1000% and so have decided if I want to know, I gotta do it myself. Very cool site though, I had also come to the same conclusions as you!

Ed said...

Another good video, the nazitrap sync was a mind blower!

I'll grant you that there are a lot of sync's concerning reptiles and alien dna, I can't rule it out, but it's just something I can't accept as literal until I see some really good evidence.

soundlessdawn said...

I haven't presented it as factual.. Only that it needs to be inspected and dissected as it permeates so many levels of pop culture and human consciousness. If anything, by slicing it up and viewing it from the standpoint of Synchromysticism we will learn to rid our fear of it.

Ed said...

That's cool, that's my view as well.

Thumbs up!

Jenn said...

Oh, this video is sooo delicious! Yum, guys;) Great job,and thanks!

Tim said...

Hey Steve,

Great Videos and Red Ice Interview.

I found this quote from Manley P. Hall:

"Study, study the doctrine of the illuminati. Study their assumptions to know how your mind has been re-shaped into their image."

Manley P. Hall



Chloe said...

Wonderful post. I just blogged a Nine/god with amnesia sync myself. Proper acknowledgement to you.
See it if you get a chance.

Anonymous said...

Great video.

Eye enjoyed it very much.

PEACE said...

hey brother, caught yr latest redice appearance & i wanted to add: you were mentioning 'people coming off the screen' movies... have ou seen 'the purple rose of cairo'?

thanks for yr werk,

Atareye said...


Chris said...

Hey, Steve. So, since coming in contact with your 'amnesiac god' meme, I find myself encountering repeatedly.
Check out what Bob Monroe has to say about it. Syncs nicely with 'The Nines' in particular.

Chris said...

BTW I highly recommend the entire 7 part interview with Bob Monroe

Anonymous said...

i never saw the Nines yet, is that the same woman who tells that guy from the Nines that he is a degree amongst the Godhead. Was that the same woman from The Last Mimzy that tells some kids they are a degree amongst the Godhead.

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