Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Amanita Santa, Oz, and The Owl of Babylon


Was the story of Santa and his hallucinogen imbibing Reindeer a product of Amanita Muscaria psychedelic mushrooms? Join me on an expedition through Oz, within the mountainous caverns of the Gnome King - to the Tesseract symbolism in the Sci-Fi channel's new "Tin Man" series. Bowie pops his head in once again - as we explore Owl symbolism and the Bohemian Grove.
- Cosmic Cube Post - that inspired my Owl of Babylon research -
- Jake's very relevant Candy/Oz Post - Run don't walk from the Blob! -
- Link to a great Tin Man Post - via the elluminati Blog -


Anonymous said...

How long is this feature vid?

hello said...

steven, great work man!

soundlessdawn said...

Feature Vid is 13:33 and much higher Res. - I'm going to make them closer to 20 minutes from now on.

tony damico said...

Great work as always.

It's interesting that the gnome king comes up, because it happened in my first attempt at this work in exploring Return to Oz, as an underworld synch going straight to Merlin.

I'd be interested to see what you think of my findings there...

Unknown said...

Steve, impressive, profound and vitally important I believe. Love the golden owl from Clash of the Titans, who clearly resonates the lunar R2-D2 in his presentation and role. Under the Moonlight, the Sirius Moonlight. Is Heaven any sweeter than Blue Jean?

Furcifer said...

You missed John Boorman's Zardoz from 1974 . I am always surprised when this film is NOT mentioned, as it is blatantly a representation of the current power structure... it is the Matrix 70's style.

aferrismoon said...

I thin the Maggie Smith quote has great depth. I remember watching it as a kid and thinking ' wow. gods think like that!'. The idea also that they , as Greek gods, would be displaced by 'Man' strikes deep. They were finally pushed out by the Man-God Jesus
The Santa template comes out in Russian as Dyeda Merza , Daddy Freeze, which seems to link the red+white with the blue
The Hashisheens sported red + white too
For those who don't know wiZARD of OZ it stars Sean Connery, it seemed to me a reaction to 'political correctness' and other thought-stopping social-linguistic control, as well as humans not knowing the whole picture, legends based on misread mythologies. The Egyptian priests supposedly did not know all their history at various junctures and made parts up, punning [ as Punics do] on god-names. Rather synchromystic in some respects.
I see this in the work on their blogs , where strains of thought and image catch on, drawn out of the whole. 'Fiction' - Jakes stuff mingles with 'fact' Ben's stuff.
the Flight of the Owl through the blogs and vidz . The Owl retains 'its' identity and we attach it to certain 'events'.
Now a far greater %age of the planet can take active part in recreating the myths - and slowly the whole shifts, re-integrates where there is integrity or tensegrity to stabilize. What it is to create our own myths with each other - pretty near to stardust. Instead of a few proscribed myths, legends, storylines we create our own story-spheres - count the bubbles in the maelstrom
As usual Steve, the latest = more than the sum of its parts and I'm an eater

soundlessdawn said...

Tony d - Return to Oz is absolutely loaded with metaphor - I thought about mentioning the Craft cross
over in the feature vid but decided not to - nice work.

Adam - The R2D2 image escaped me - but so obvious now - The owl in "Titans" - had eight pointed stars for eyes - and there was a gigantic 8 pointed star swinging behind the owl resonator Umbridge from Harry Potter in my vid - strange stuff - and no - heaven gets no sweeter.

Greening - I have plans for Zardoz - Sean Connery melt down!

Most agreed aferris - A symbol/totem/god/sigil - is only empowered by our conscious will/intent/emotional attachment - We can shape shift the
interpretation of the universal symbol system any which way we choose - Here's hoping for a more positive future design - Perhaps Moloch will turn into the god of sunsets or Oreo cookie pie.

aferrismoon said...

Or the Molochness Monster

Anonymous said...

Hey ho!
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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