Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cracks in the Wall Episode 7: Joker's Wild


Breaking the Smiley Face Code :)
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Youtube Channel: AEIOU3SEXT

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cracks in the Wall Episode 6: This is Your Brain on Fire!


Part two of my discussion with Will 777 the Great Work.
Topics Include: The Pyramids as a Model for a Super Man,
Werewolf Lunar/Jovian Energy, The Red Square, Project
Camelot: Delusions of the Second Matrix, Time Wave Zero,
The Golden Ratio, Converging into the Quickening, Desire
Vs. Will, Web Bots, Future Forecasting, The Last Air Bender
& The Fifth Element, The Astrological Formula for SALT,
Making Connections with PI Sets the Brain Ablaze, Prince
of Persia: Solar Plexus Star Gate, Phallus Copper Top
Energy, The Wheel of Archetypes, Color Coded Kundalini
Rising, The Importance of Silence, The Illusion of
Negative and Positive Thinking, Solve = Love, Earth = Heart,
Nothing Needs to Be Done, To Know is to be in the Now,
The Reason why the PTB enjoy playing the Game, Freedom
is to say 2+2 = 5, The Balance of Masculine & Feminine
Energy. The Mortal Man is Built of Bone, The Immortal Man
is Built of Stone, The Egyptian word 'Mem' ties Water to Memory.

Will's contact email:
Youtube Channel: AEIOU3SEXT

Friday, July 2, 2010

Cracks in the Wall Episode 5: Your Focus Becomes Your Reality

I have my friend and Code breaker
Will 777 the Great Work back on the
show as we discuss how the BP Oil
Spill being an engineered phenomenon
to keep the masses focused on external
events instead of encouraging them to
look within, 42 - Tin man - and Jupiter
Symbolism, Rainbow 6, Gary Coleman dies
at 42, The Hangman & July 4th: The Deluge(sional)
Day, The rising of Sirius the Dog Star,

Werewolves and Lunar Symbolism, Eclipse,
Blood Moon, Sandra Bullock the Taurus Bull,
The Summer Solstice, Red White & Blue, The
Facebook Code, The Joker, C Major: The Harmonic
Convergence, The Diamond Baseball Field, The
Scales of Maat, Nibiru: false planet but potential
Boatman, The Broadway of the Great Pyramid (A Model
of the Immortal Man) and it's connection to 42nd
street NY, Everything in Creation being Recycled,

Everything you do is tied to your Awakening, The Nile
as a macro model of the Human Spine & the rising of
Kundalini Energy, The battle of tongues, 87 the lowest
Octane but also the code for Homicide: 187, G8 = 15 = 357 =
The Stairway to Heaven on the Masonic Third Degree
tracing board, Guru's in the Alternative Perceptions
Community that do not empower: Truth doesn't come from
preaching on a Soapbox, it comes from the Sleeping
God Within, Octopus: The 8 Limbed Ink Machine that
clouds the Water of Perception, The Sword is the Word,
The 5th Element, The Last Air bender, Nicholas Cage &
Knowing, How an Owl knows Destroying is Creating
because it can see in 360 degrees, Understanding
Pi, Obama the White Rabbit who's late, late, for an
important Date, Getting out of Dodge: The Root Chakra,
California Fires: Cali means fire, fornia means furnace,

The 6th Sense, Venus, NEO & the Copper-top,
JC Penny inside the Red square, The Cross Alignment,
August Rush, Jason Friday the 13th and the Crystal
Lake of the Pineal Gland, The possibility of being
extremely close to a Zero Point event that will change
life on the Earth as we know it, Jason & the Argonauts,
Christ energy, Upcoming powerful Solar Eclipse, Chrysler
Crossfire, How we are the aliens & are
not of this World, Whatever you focus your attention
on is what you become conscious of.

Will's contact email:
Youtube Channel: AEIOU3SEXT