Friday, June 21, 2013

Prismatic Fountain of the Heavenly Hologram


Marcelinno Iuresso said...

They did quite a number on you, did they? Do not worry, brother, they tried with me the same. But I was more cunning than them. The revolution that you started I perfected it. The revolution has begun!

Marcelinno Iuresso said...

And please, do not be so naive, be more subtle! Please, DO NOT contact me!

Anonymous said...

Wow ! It is so interesting!

百家乐 said...

I have read most of them and got a lot from them. To me, you are doing the great work.

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Jesse Lopez said...
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Jesse Lopez said...
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Mike Wolfman said...

to the guy that owns this blog I watched your video on the Merovingians and had some questions pretaining to the as to the fact I am a descendant of the Merovingians not only just on one family but on both sides of the same family to the same bloodline basically my family on my dads side was inter breeding up until the 19th century I am almost a direct mail to send it from all the kings in Europe and Obama is my 3rd cousin shamefully so I have some questions dealing with racial DNA memory and wondered if you could respond upon that you could contact me on skype my skype name is Raven. Night 1 it would be nice to finally have someone equally intelligent to use as a sounding board and as far as the Merovingian I got proof to show you that on my genealogy charts and no I'm not rich and no I don't live in a castle but I have all my life I had an interest in the occult and violence and I think this could be lead back to racial memory contact me would be nice too sharpen my sword against the server store

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Devan Traynor said...

Great work! Please can you tell, me the name of the tune in "prismic
fountain" at approx 9 min and onward ?! Please and cheers!

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