Friday, January 14, 2011

Beyond the Veil Through Black Plasmatic Cosmos




Xinyu Hu said...

One of the most tripping videos I have yet ever seen from you Steve. Great work...I know you must have finished watching that illuminatiMATRIX video to make a video this good.

This is way beyond any level of, "regular" synchronicity - by and by - where did you get all the art work you use for your videos?

Thanks and regard

Xinyu Hu

S.E.K said...

Thank you for sharing this....truly appreciate the work you are doing.

Floyd Anderson said...

Aeolus Kephas' Stormy Weather 4/29/2009 : Are We Our Vessels? (x2: Forward & Backwards)

enigma said...

WOW. I guess when you go beyond the veil you also go beyond words, I don't think language has the capacity to describe that, just like experiencing God, which I think I did as well while watching that. A magnum opus, one in a series I trust.

Guilherme Antônio said...

Aweasome! nice work! the combination with music image and colors... it makes me fly!
I'm from Brazil and could you visit my blog?


arraial d'ajuda said...

Nice, some trippin experience! Thank you for that!
Andressa said...

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Anonymous said...

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