Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wormy Heart Set # 22: World of Shells

Podcast about leaving SWEDA and my decision to continue with the Psychonaut Series.
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Anonymous said...

Ok now I'm caught up with you and Ezra. thanks for this podcast.

ashadeofdarkness said...


Anonymous said...

man, I've listened to numerous podcasts of jason's...I was the one under the name of "i have an have on too" left comments on this podcast on his warty theorems page. It's just such a moot point. He's a fledgling middle-management sort of middle-aged guru-clerk and he's calling you out for living pragmatically in the world while retaining the knowledge of propensities of oblique happenings/weirdnesses. He has stated before, with much frankness and passive-aggressive despair, that his forum is a business model platform to generate some income (and I would speculate that it is the primary goal..though I'm sure he derives much pleasure from trying to repattern and deconstruct you all while remaing off limis to your probity.) After that podcast, I'm certainly having a "knowing" that I should tune his crypto-nihilism out forever. he's just another sort of "give everything up" , crypto-ascetic, passive-aggressive-hall monitor to other people. Crikey!

Floyd Anderson said...

Kephas is such a downer. Is he trying to drag down as many people as he can? Is this his gatekeeper strategy?

My opinion of Henrik Palmgren is that he is a really great guy who is getting a large amount of high-quality information out there and giving many people an opportunity to be on his show to describe their take on things. Kephas has Henrik in his crosshairs now it was the case previously with Jake Kotze, David Icke, Alex Jones, etc. Kephas acts like pretty much everybody is doing it wrong and that we shouldn't pay attention to the big picture. I don't buy that at all. What a strange guy.

Steve, I'd like to hear you talk more about what you've heard about this albino et species living inside of the earth. That's interesting shit. What if that's a big part of the reality of what is manipulating humans here....because from what I've come across it seems like this certainly could be the case. Definitely worth pursuing in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Actually will be publishing the late Mac Tonnie's new book Cryptoterrestrials which is based on the idea that aliens are a humaniod race living underground with paranormal elements to it...

soundlessdawn said...

No worries Floyd - I will be speaking about all sorts of Big Picture stuff with Henrik on the 12th.. revolving around the Thule Society, star gates, the rebuilding of Solomon's Temple, etc. - but please everyone, don't dismiss Jason as a hall monitor. He has a lot of wisdom and isn't afraid to stay in the little bit that he knows.. without going outside of it in hopes of financial gain, fame, or otherwise. I think that's why SWEDA will always be underground - and looked upon as a cult. Real honesty perturbs us to the very core of our beings. I do think he picks on Henrik a little often though! ;) I think Red Ice is a very valuable informational resource indeed.. and if Henrik told his guests off - or countered them with Skepticism every few minutes.. He probably wouldn't be able to get through a single show. LoL

Floyd Anderson said...

I'm excited to hear you on your next Red Ice interview.

My take on SWEDA is that does look like a cult....a cult where you pay money to the leader of it and then you are pressured to reveal very personal things to him so he can ridicule you.

Kephas strikes me as an intelligence gathering manipulator......and I remember when he called himself Storm God with one of his sockpuppets on his Stormy Weather forum. And then of course there was the information that was posted about my dead grandmother and my father on his forum when I pissed him off.

I'll keep my distance.

Anonymous said...

Hey soundlessdawn be careful about the Rockefeller interview vid you're supposed to do in Europe?

Check out this abovetopsecret expose on Spuriem Rockefeller (or whatever his name is)....

Ishmael said...

Hi Steve,
I've watched your videos for what feels like years, but I don't know if I've ever commented on any of your stuff--which I really enjoy. You are an amazing video artist.

So I know so little about Aeolus, but I've listened to a few of his older podcasts, and I listened to this most recent with you and thought that he was being awfully rough on you.
But it is great to hear that things are taking off for you. . . I did end up having a bunch of questions though like. . . What happened to you and Ezra? What is SWEDA? Who are you working for? The rock band Tool? Is any of this world that you guys inhabit spelled out somewhere--like the cosmology you understand as truth? I know a lot of your understanding of the architecture of the universe is likely featured on your videos, but it seems like there is some movement going on and I guess that I"m more than a little curious about it.
Any easy link that can bring me up to speed?
Thanks so much
take care.

Floyd Anderson said...

Supriem Rockefeller claims to carry the Triple Helix Blue Blood of the Elohim.

quite an interesting guy

with quite an interesting left pupil


Dennis Igou said...

Spiral Dance, can we mitigate the oblivion based eastern philisophy with the idea of western Gnosis? The ego needs to go but what is left? The left hand of God is? Your knowledge is great but is anyone saved other than by the full lotus? I agree Kephas is a downer, I think he likes poppies. Dark but mysterious is the left hand path. Dennis

Floyd Anderson said...

Kinti Mining Lmtd.'s (KMLD) Announces Supriem David Rockefeller and the Rebuilding of the 3rd Jewish Temple in Addition to Frank Love Commencing the "Temple Now Project"
January 29, 2010: 12:01 AM ET

Floyd Anderson said...

Freeman was talking about Supriem Rockefeller yesterday:

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