Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Quickening, 2010, and The Symbiotic Holographic Hive Mind


Christopher Knowles said...

This is truly amazing, Steve. Welcome back!

Xinyu Hu said...

Love your video...and do see the link I provided for you via email. It might give you some really insane ideas.


soundlessdawn said...

Thanks Knowles-y <3

Will check that link now Xinyu.

Peace ~ S

Dennis Igou said...

icu,nice vibe. Dennis

Christopher Knowles said...

This shizzle is truly the nizzle. And I mean that. I passed it along to some people who I think will tune right in on it. Definitely what the doctor of the cosmos ordered.

Take a bow.

Anonymous said...

It's nice post-modern new age eye-candy. I mean if you've done DMT then the video can be appreciated. But the content has some serious problems -- it lacks apocalyptic edge -- as in not enough third world experience. Sheltered.

The closest you got to ecology was mycelium -- maybe I missed something -- but "evolution" is not a spiral of progress -- unless you're a Nazi!

O.K. so the progressives were big into eugenics -- so maybe you don't have to be a Nazi to buy into the techno-spiritual juggernaut.

So you advocate chakra meditation music as a means to blend into the apocalypse - that's great. But let's not be silly about Avatar -- it was obviously an assimilation of its opposite -- shamanic indigenous cultures are pretty much totally GONE -- genocide. So now we ache for the computer-generated aliens to give us shamanic indigenous shamanism?

Seriously why not read the book "The Stargate Conspiracy" by Prince and Picknett. Their website was taken down by the CIA - for a good reason -- because it's an expose that hits home.

So close but yet so far. Still I posted your vid on my blog -- I mean I "enjoy my symptom!" as Zizek states - but I know the superego when I see it.

soundlessdawn said...

The Video was merely meant to showcase the next 'octave' of human reality. The new theatrical stage civilization will enact the final act on.. The drama of the End Times. We are integrating and co-mingling our combined consciousness using the internet as a launching point, or baby step towards engaging in a form of telepathy. Merging with the Eschaton via
Shamanism vs. Trans-humanistic Bio computer link up? I leave that one to the viewer. Also, it may be
elementary - But I also wanted to try and personally articulate the extreme differences between the way the populace viewed ET's 30 years ago, and how they are accepted today. Simple but effective. The visual stimulation and VO's are meant to hit you at a level beyond the intellect.. It was designed to invoke a feeling.. an emotion, nothing more. A small attempt to create bridges to like minds - by using art and hypnotic/poetic speech to stir ancestral memories that are forgotten but are beginning to resurface. There's no agenda behind it - It's just art my friend, take it or leave it. :)

Dennis Igou said...

Spiral Dance, all is not lost. The traditions of old have been fragmented and co-opted. When someone takes a chance in imagery and sound to enlighten the syncromystic faithfull it is a good thing. Our world needs more of this heartfelt exploration. Shineforth brave souls. Dennis

Anonymous said...

Dennis and Soundlessdawn -- I got my propaganda in new book form -- FREE full preview, 90 pages. Enjoy the Natural Resonance Revolution: Secrets of alchemy, spacetime travel and universal love healing energy.

soundlessdawn said...

Looks like an excellent read Spiral..
Syncs up nice in places with what Ezra and I are doing with our Musicology series. What would you think of me setting some images to it for a possible future vid? Get you some more exposure. :")

Anonymous said...

That would be AWESOME. Yeah Ezra is very cool. We corresponded quite a bit and he's already doing full-lotus!

ashadeofdarkness said...

The man is back ladies and gentlemen

Anonymous said...

great post. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did any one hear that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.

Anadæ Effro said...

Well done, Magus Psychonaut 777, well done. However, it pains me to See(r) how slow you humans are to catch up …. sigh .… I'm afraid that the whole entheogenic trip, no pun intended, is but a temporary diversion for an already irreparably damaged world. Sadly, I cannot help but imagine the spectre of a new Pop Cult-ure dogma developing, its credo, "Lemmings, Jump This Way." Still, I'm posting this gem on fb. Thank you, & an auspicious 2010 to you & all those who count.

Longing for the Wildwood,
Anadæ Effro (•8-D

Anonymous said...

The video appears incredible.
Very beautifully executed.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

soundlessdawn you got some competition -- check this out:

soundlessdawn said...

Neat editing in places but ultimately it has a history channel vibe to it that I find lame. Trust me - I wish there were people making good psychedelic video art revolving around these concepts.. just ain't seeing it yet.

soundlessdawn said...

Well particleion is.. over at Transalchemy. His productions keep surprising me.. you should check his youtube channel out.

ashadeofdarkness said...

I think some might be missing the meet.

The juggler’s aesthetic works counter-clockwise.
Not for implications of some false route,
But for use of the most accessible trope.
Not fiend nor for self-subjected folly
But what might we use to depict our landscape;
Dada, post-punk, Blake- Terms of classic tarot or Midewin?

Forced to invent because
our straight sounds sarcastic.
Fools to some, but we provide foreshadowing
For understanding to come

Anonymous said...

soundlessdawn Ezra just did chat with me -- he said that a vid with you and me might happen. He said he needs voice over for content from me. is my blog if you want to comment?

soundlessdawn said...

As long as you have access to a decent mic setup - That's all that we would need. Maybe all three of us could collaborate on something. I really like what I've read out of 'The Natural Resonance Revolution' so far.

Anonymous said...

thanks. It's all about love.

Xinyu Hu said...

Hey Steve - maybe when you have the time, please email me your ideas on that site.

I hope the site gave you some ideas for your future videos...and maybe a different Labyrinth with a different Psychonaut?


Xinyu Hu

Indras Net said...

Beutyful! Very glad your healing up and back in action, best wishes- Namaste

The Ultimate Human said...

Awesome stuff...feels like Im using more of my brain than usual just interacting with the video. I just finished my Digital Conspiracy Album, I would love for you to take a listen. I would love for you to do an intro for the album. It will be released soon worldwide. Ive been following for a while. I wish you can do the video!!! You can hear the album here

Anonymous said...

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