Saturday, December 19, 2009

Warty Theorems Podcast #18 - The Evolution of Honesty

Jason Kephas and Steve Willner, two reforming
paranoids discuss God, Fate, and Free Will,
starting with opening and softening to the loss
of the first hour of their chat; Big Picture stuff,
Steve's intergalactic dream life, getting inflated by
visionary information, Jason's Messianic meltdowns,
What Floyd Anderson wants from the UFOs, interaction
with nonhuman entities, the Purgatorial Process of
the Earth realm, Chris Knowles' Secret Sun, the
Alien Disclosure Program, movies as fake narratives
to plant clues and germinate beliefs in a Fake
Narrative, premature space explorations, the iceberg
of the unconscious, 2012 & CGI masturbation,
consciousness chasing its tail, Steve shamelessly
plugs SWEDA and causes his Psychonaut following
to wonder if he has been secretly brain-washed by
the evil Aeolus, uncovering the Oversoul, Steve
surrounded by No-Men, the community function of
mockery, the information merchants of the APC,
letting the entities feed upon us, softening and
opening to the purification process, the necessity
of intolerable conditions, the butterfly within, body
pains as messengers, Steve's opium addiction, the
human doing of pain relief, finding a greater context
for suffering, turning misery into entertainment, the
movement of truth, Steve's ET upgrade.

Listen to the Podcast


ViølatoR said...

Listening right now - very good conversation and great thoughts being presented. :D Some of the stuff you guys said make me think of this:

"Your knowledge of many things does not grant you wisdom." - Heraclitus (ca. 540 - ca. 480 BCE)

Corbeau said...

Yes, more podcasts to enjoy.

Thank you.


Corbeau said...

What is SWEDA?


soundlessdawn said...

Stormy Weather Inner Forum - It's an Existential Detective Agency which aides one in finding the deeper truths about oneself.

Corbeau said...

Thank you for the answer and the visit to the podcast

Its great to hear yet another podcast from you which does not recycle the same old themes.


Floyd Anderson said...

I noticed the L is emphasized in the image.......................................................
I'm quite certainly interested in UFOs. There are things that earth humans could learn.

Ezra BanderSnatch said...



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Are you an nihilist now?

Jason and the Argonauts said...

well steve, what of it? has sweda turned you from a narcissist into a nihilist??? :0

Jason and the Argonauts said...

BTW I think our last chat, the latest warty podcast, no. 22, may be the most interesting show to date: I also think it shows a genuine evolution of honesty from you, just in the last month. : )

soundlessdawn said...

I always associate nihilism with gimp masks, Mexican donkey shows, and taser guns for some reason.

But it's actual definition: a revolutionary doctrine that advocates destruction of the social system for its own sake.. sounds gay-ish to me.

Thx for the compliments on the new show - and the alleged new found honest tea. Keep jammin on Vagabundo - Keep spinning the virus!

Play nice with Henrik!

~ S

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