Wednesday, June 3, 2009

California Beach Devils, Fractality, and The Muses of The One Eyed God

Please take a moment to entertain the following thought experiment.

1. Draw into your awareness a song which brings you joy, anger, or sadness.
2. Is the song, in its totality, only the emotional responses that it evokes? (no)
3. Is the song, in its totality, only the sound waves that evoke these emotions? (no)
4. Is the song, in its totality, only a sound wave which effectively sets off a chain of chemical responses in the brain which we consider to be emotion? (maybe)
5. Is the song, alternatively, an unseen thought-form generated by human intent which is neither the sound wave carrier signal or the emotional responses which it evokes? (maybe)
6. If the thing which we call Music is not the soundwaves which carry it or the emotional responses which it evokes, then what are its true qualities? Can they be known or described by humans?
7. What is the likelihood that this same chain of questions has emerged in the mind of another human before? If this non-physical, non-emotional thoughtform called Music has been studied and can be known, where are the books which chart these secret teachings? Why does the teaching of the True Nature of Music remain hidden in the shadows while all other forms of paranormal and parapolitical information is leaked out across the internet?
8. Who will step forth in this era to speak openly and explore the esoteric aspects of music?
Dan Winter's Red Ice Interview

Marko Rodin - Vortex Based Mathematics

Also ~ For Those of you who missed the first "Surfing the Apocalypse" Podcast ~ It has been Re~uploaded Here. Thanks to Keith and Kali for saving it on their hard drives!


Particleion said...

I think what trips me out about your videos is that you always tend to show me things ive never seen before.

With each video you launch an assault at my visual cortex.

Now in your video you speak of music being used to put hexes, yet at no point do you mention that this would work even better in tangent with video.

It is very possible to program the brain through images and sound, but we know this. This is the primary reason we scour the media for synchs right?

In any case as always my friend a fine job.

soundlessdawn said...

Thanks very much my friend ~ I think what you're hinting at is certainly going to be discussed in a future Vid. It's really the meat and potatoes of what ties
Musicology and Synchromysticism together. The Hemi-Sync technology being produced at the Monroe Institute is an excellent example. These are the seeds of the Transhumanist movement because they will lead to breakthroughs in the fields of Biofeedback training, Fractality, and Consciousness Engineering.

Indras Net said...

Awsome awsome stuff, perfect video for sharing with folks unfamiliar too. Thanks for sharing guys, keep em rollin and be very well!

Trade Mark said...

That gave me a revearse erection and now I have a preaprism.

ManSon is a strapping egoless Hoosier that needs more Elturnative attention just as music does. Great Work!

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Jon Kidd said...

Thanks for uping the podcast again. Really interesting 911 stuff.

9 skip god 11....crazy

Hope the health is getting better.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

drew hempel has researched and written a lot about the true and esoteric nature of music. his blog disappeared, though, so you have to search a little now.

rick_says said...

Holy Shit, Steve! This is just too much of a coincidence. I'm a little late to the party listening to your podcast for the first time just now. Toward the end of the 'cast you were talking about "hardcore Gnostics" in the afterlife. Just a few hours earlier I was talking to some friends of mine in England and said almost the very same thing. Reincarnation as a cycle of slavery...standing before some afterlife "guides" with a holographic book of life in front of you with choices of what body to incarnate and refusing to re enter the cycle of the slave planet. His response as always was "what makes you think you are ever going to die again?" Your remarks were so similar to what I was relating I got very excited and thought it important to let you know so. On another note, I got an advance copy of Townsend's Ki a couple of weeks before it's release. I had been puzzling over it for about a week and decided to put it aside. According to him he has recently quit smoking and drinking, so this is his first "clean" record. I got into Ziltoid and was the first time I had ever heard of him. Since then I have tried to get his stuff and I find that he is very knowing in what he is putting out there. He knows what he's putting out, whatever that is. I seemed to have gotten stuck in a loop of listening to his track "Heaven Send" and this is the main reason I sort of put it aside.
I don;t know if you've had the opportunity to read Preston Nichol's the Music of Time, but it's highly resonant to the trajectory you guys have been on.
Using "thought forms" to imprint on master tapes he claims goes back to Chubby Checker's hit The Twist. He also relates a story of Mark Hammil's musical career previous to his acting and time traveling music recorded in the future, sent back and made hits. According to Al Bielek when I met him the score for Stargate the movie was recorded in surround in the future and re-scored at the time and he presented me with a very strange disc. I digress a little, but it relates to how music has been engineered throughout the industry. It's a whole ball of wax and maybe to much to try and relate to you here. Sorry for rambling it's a wee bit late for me and I had to get that stuff off my chest. As always I really enjoy your work, I know feedback is sometimes a little thin. Peace! ~Rick

Mr Panda said...

Great post, you've got an amazing eye for images.

Anonymous said...

for more sisniter sides on the formation of the hippie movment check out Kult ov Kaos #1 [pg.7] ^ issue 1.pdf^

Anonymous said...

Hope you dont mind if i say few comments about podcast here/hear.
Too stubborn to log into podmatic.

Found the thoughts on challenging Tsarion-like (paraphrased) quite resonating with my current views.

The views on hell and war/psychonauts were also cocky enough to leave an lasting impression. Thanks for both of those.

Nice and refreshing edutainment.


Anonymous said...

Finally downloaded the first episode and enjoyed it very very much.

, Some deep wisdom.
I appear to be impressed.

Keep it coming.


Lenny said...

Interesting article indeed! I've tried and tried to come a across articles about how they did Primal Scream's album "Screamadelica" for instance. The techniques they use are transcending the consciuosness to another dimensions.

How ever, there seems to be a connection to "dub"-techniques used by Dub artist like Lee Scratch Perry. Where different rhytms are used in a cacophony and then manipulating them with delay and reverb effects, this seems to be a trick for altering the soul out of the body consciousness.

Another example how it can be done is to use a raw saw wave(from a synt) like an drone deep in the bas register and one way may be to put som lfo effect on the pitch on higher melodies. This technique is used buy Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club) on their production of Happy Mondays track "Monkey in the Family".(Album "Yes Please") .
Spotifylink: (1:30 in the track)

Primal Scream - Screamadelica

Happy Mondays

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Xinyu Hu said...

When will you update again Steve? I really look forward to a new sychvideo.

Go to, and get some ideas...and also - Steve Jackson Games...especially the INWO series.

Also, check out my sites! Thanks.

Adi said...

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Anonymous said...

Soundless Dawn I did my masters thesis in esoteric music healing -- "epicenters of justice" (2001) -- you can read online. is my Actual Matrix Plan expose based on esoteric music.

My blog book is "Deep Disharmony" -- just go back through older posts into November at my blog

The secret is NONWESTERN MUSIC based on the 1-4-5 music intervals. I discovered that yang is 2:3 perfect 5th and yin is 3:4 perfect 4th as the infinite resonance of yin and yang with the octave as emptiness or consciousness.

So the full-lotus yoga position is the tetrahedron made up of 8 2-3-4 triangles which ionize electrochemicals through ultrasound, thereby creating electromagnetic energy.

I took classes from Chunyi Lin of -- he went 49 days in full-lotus in a cave in China -- taking no food, no water and no sleep the whole time.

So he does laser holographic third eye healing. Go take a class from him or get a phone healing!!

Take care and thanks for your vids. I posted a blog on you and your music collaborator.

Anonymous said...

I have several articles on the above site on "psychic music" healing. This one above is one of my Gurdjieff articles on that site as well -- more of that. The subjects overlap.

Anonymous said...

Soundlessdawn -- as Piet already connected our mutual research a couple years ago? Anyway here's another article I had published --

"the biomusic conspiracy"

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Anonymous said...


Tetragra said...

No surprise- Aleister Crowley used music in conjunction with mind-altering drugs in his sex magick rituals in the roaring twenties..

Buddhists have known about the quality of sound in expansion of consciousness for thousands of years..

Our technology has made it possible to spread the expansion of consciousness, and to allow us to broadcast sound frequencies previously not possible.

The science of acoustics is much more than just faithful reproduction in the recording and playback process..

I am a musician who owns a studio, and I have been aware of these things for years..

Kudos on the blog design..

Tetragra said...

Regarding your Ipod post 'fireside chat'- there was a statement made about Crowley's invoking of spirits that contains erroneous information- Crowley did not 'just get tired' and stop the invocation at Boleskine- I believe if I recall correctly that Crowley was engaged in The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage. He actually had to stop the Working at the behest of MacGregor Mathers, who was always turning to Crowley to bail him out of his troubles- and was subsequently unable to return to do the banishing rituals required to complete the ceremony.

The fireside chat was great, but please be sure to convey the correct information when you post these podcasts..

j said...

interesting historical thoughts on musick and spirituality, many different approaches to this line of inquiry. Ignore the cheezy cover graphic.

Anonymous said...

Amazon has Jocelyn's name as "Malcolm" Godwin. Oh well. Still I've corresponded with Professor Godwin about this issue. Again Godwin is relying on Western terms of esoteric music -- not REAL Pythagorean harmonics. It's true that Godwin acknowledges the over-riding concept of "nothingness" to be discovered in esoteric music but Godwin is still using "divide and average" math -- as that has been the case since Plato and Archytas. Godwin did not discover the real secret.

I asked him about this and he just said he doesn't take views -- he's just an academic reporting the information.

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