Monday, April 13, 2009

Symphonic Sorcery, New Aeon Magic, and The Silence Between the Gnosis

"What makes a wheel a wheeel is the space between the spokes." - Lao Tze

" ( ) ! ? ( ) ! . . . ? ( ) " - The Void

It is too easy in this year to turn on a machine and hear music. We do not appreciate it anymore. At best, we get a small buzz from the stimulus. Public radio is set up with the following structure:

Song - !#*%&!#% - Commercial - !#*$@#(%&- song. The profane symbols here represent the wildly stimulating transition sounds that come between every piece of music. You have heard them before.

They are fast, robotic, mechanistic, buzz, clicks, beeps, chirps, explosions, and a man's deep voice skipping as it tries to pronounce the name of the radio station.

These sounds hyper stimulate the human nervous system and disorient the listener. It is a form of AUDIOMANCY hidden in plain sight. Turn off your radio. You do not need it any longer and it will only get in the way.

"Dead and Gone... Dead and Gone... Swallow this pill that they call pride" - T.I. featuring Justin Timberlake
This is the music you get from MTV and the radio. No one watches tv anymore. If you are one of the few that still does, cut it out. This is a dead culture machine designed by your masters to homogenize thought and keep you spiritually enslaved. You do not need it any longer. It will only get in the way.
Step outside, take a walk, and listen to the sounds of the street. Listen to the sounds of animals and the elements. This will aid in your healing process.


Silence and music -

Liber Null -
Video: John Cage 4'33" for piano (1952) -

Video: John Cage talking about silence -
Zen: Silence mind and Disturbance mind -
Video Simon and Garfunkle - Sound of Silence -

Music Produced by HipGnosis
Track: Solstice ear responsibility LP - HipGnosis
Track: middle finger (instrumental) ear responsibility LP - HipGnosis
Track: that's what's up (instrumental) black magic LP - HipGnosis
all songs used by permission, copyright Eric Young 2008
Additional Music by Ulver ~ (Gnosis)


Stephen said...

great vid guys can i get a track listing

KoSeYeA13 said...

Your Last couple videos have been your best stuff yet Steve. I truly feel Audiomancy is the high magick of the new Aeon.

In the coming age I hope that the pointless materialistic pop music finally dies, and that musick is then appropriately used for the Spiritual and Psychological healing and uplift of mankind. That music stops selling products, spreading diseases, and enslaving minds. That it will instead inspire us to create something greater, and propel us onward as the ever changing paint onto the canvas of the infinite.

Oh, and thanks again for turning me onto Liber Null!

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

"You see, in my opinion there is no point in talking about music. I never talk about music. What reply, then, was I to make to your able and just remarks? You were perfectly right in all you said. But, you see, I am a musician, not a professor, and I don't believe that, as regards music, there is the least point in being right. Music does not depend on being right, or having good taste and education and all that."

"Indeed. Then what does it depend on?"

"On, making music... On Making music as well and as much as possible and with all the intensity of which one is capable. That is the point... Though I carried the complete works of Bach and Haydn in my head and could say the cleverest things about them, not a soul would be better for it. But when I take hold of my mouthpiece and play a lively shimmy, whether the shimmy be good or bad, it will give people pleasure. It gets into their legs and into their Blood. That's the point and that alone. Look at the faces in a dance hall at the moment when the music strikes up after a longish pause, how eyes sparkle, legs twitch and faces begin to laugh. That is why one makes music."

From Hermann Hesse's Steppenwolf

Anonymous said...

An odd observation: above this post, is that a crack/meth pipe smoking, near the candle?

if so, though also if not, what was it's intended significance?

Regardless, Thank you Mr. Willner,
and now you as well Ezra.

I've been following your research for two years.
And In the past decade I haven't found a single source, who delved into the work, with a closer perspective to my own.

Ezra and yourself mentioned the many actors selling their work (verses practitioners, sharing research), and trudging through that muck, for sprinklings of insight, is almost as taxing as Prime Time! television.

So I wait in giddy anticipation for all of your work.

I'm not sure if it's the work you do upon the content mentioned briefly, the nature of your particular delivery, a combination of, or maybe the dialect of peer-speak, but the composition of the content always leaves me keyed into the Noosphere.

In the previous generation (the typical "new agers") i generally find myself left upon the precipice. I think Ezra and yourself touched on something important talking about this. Some manner of ego, or just bullshit, which isn't disclosed as something that may need refining in the majority of their theory. I assume they do to sell, leaving the masses with their closure...They were called mysteries- the research mysticism, because it's not something that can be reduced to concrete terms with closure!!!!

This is problem in the institution of religion. The very priests who should be closest to the mysteries, are enforcing these concrete precepts that divide, and entrap the definitions within the mind, closing the doors to understanding- of all forms.

i apologize, this is your technicolor soapbox, and you use it for much more inspiring endeavors.

amazing work sir/s. gratsi

indras said...

really great stuff guys, thanks

HOWMusic(k) said...

Shaman - Back in the day when I was still playing in a touring band, we used to frequent a hole-in-the-wall arts center called LEMP (located in St Louis, MO). The guy who runs it made similar comments to the Herman Hesse quote...

He said "Let Beethoven speak for Beethoven."

However, I think in these cases, both Hesse and the Lemp Arts manager were talking about music reviews.

"So and So's angular guitar riffs cut with lightning speed as odd meter drum riffage splash through the blah blah blah"

We don't need any more music criticism of that kind, nor its earlier classical-critique counterparts.

That being said, I think there is value in looking at the phenomenon of music itself... without necessarily bashing or glorifying one particular artist.

This is what steve and I are attempting to do... Bridge the inner worlds of the imaginal with analytic music theory, science, esoteric tone/color systems, etc.

soundlessdawn said...

Hey Shaman are you playing Devil's Advocate or something? Clearly Ez and I aren't being snobbish or elitist with this material ~ We are as Ez stated: simply inter
correlating a deeper spiritual awareness to sound at a Micro and Macroscopic level, relating it to the passing of epochs, the concept of ascending towards the Source Code, and in coming together as a species in the vein of Love. Music is in common agreement with such an array and variety of complex yet infinitely simplistic concerns of the spirit, and because it is the common denominator amongst us, It invites the most amount of people 'in,' with welcoming and familiar arms.

Anonymous said...

Hey bro, what is the tune starting at 3:00 in your new vidya ?

Please hook me up , i love the sounds

soundlessdawn said...

I just amended the Post with a list of all the featured Music. Drop him a note and tell him that you enjoyed his Psychonaut Beats, I'm sure he'll appreciate that!

Not a Blogger said...

Awesome! Keep it up

Just stumbled on this appropriate piece of video:

Amandala said...

I appreciate your site and blog. I'm afraid I don't have words to express; but words are only one type of symbol. Refreshing - you have successfully plucked open the petals of my mind. Thank you! ;)

Onoma13 said...

Your website is inspiring.

Check out mine

Anonymous said...

whats up id love to see you create a account and reach a larger audience I know i would be on your live-show every night if you were to do that take care peace

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Hey why did you mention 96.5 the buzz? Are you in Kansas City???

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