Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Steganography, Musical Biofeedback, and The Psychology of Occult Holophonic Cues


We move now into the deeper questions of how sound affects us psychologically. Many scientific studies have shown that music from the Baroque and Classical periods generate positive effects during experimental plant growth, psycho-spatial orientation (rat mazes), and human intelligence [IQ Tests/Abstract Reasoning]. See attached links for details.
These tests typically do not account for musical preference in the subjects observed. Plants and lab animals are shown to consistently have negative responses to “aggressive music” but then, these life forms do not respond to cultural triggers in the same way that humans do. A person who despises baroque music may react negatively and perform poorly on tests due to their unique preference for loud, aggressive music. Then again, studies tend to show that despite musical preference, "Classical" music is always the ideal for studying.
Art by: Scott Façon
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As any music lover will tell you, not all bands within a genre are created equal. Many of the music studies that we have observed employ only a few musical control groups, categorized by genre rather than individual composer. Hence, the “Baroque” control group will likely feature the famed J.S. Bach, the “Classical” control group might feature the all-powerful Mozart, and the “Hard Rock” control group could be any number of modern outfits, from Slipknot to the Rolling Stones. The older genres of music which have been studied in great depth often feature "Master Composers", identified as such after long term objective analysis of form and harmonic progression, whereas newer genres do not necessarily have this advantage. The title for "best rock band ever" is still very much up in the air, whereas Beethoven is more or less known by everyone as they key composer during a transition from Classical to Romantic music.
Hidden Holographic Image in Aphex Twin's ~ Windowlicker

If the observer (scientist) prefers a specific genre of music, or has been advised by a higher authority (professor, employer) to prove the positive affects of that genre, then this may influence the way plants behave. Do plants conform to the emotional state of their caretakers?
Music affects us directly, on a physical level, but if our BRAIN has been conditioned to provide neurochemical “reward hormones” for specific music, then these may be utilized in specific ways to change the outcome of a test. The trick is to become an active listener, and observe how different acoustic environments alter our mind.
Hulu and Cthulhu ~ Psionic Attacks from Telepaths?
The Depths Get Deeper...

Vibration, Harmonics, Resonance, Waves, and Reality:
Dovesong Foundation on Plant Experiments (Positive Music):

Effects of Sound on Living Organisms:

Investigating the Effects of Sound Energy on Plant Growth (PDF):

Jagadishe Bose (Wiki article):

Psychoacoustics, the physiological impact of music and sound on the human nervous system:

Diana Deutsch's Audio Illusions:

Special Thanks to Shane Hutter:

And of course Ezra Sandzer-Bell:

For their unwavering dedication to
the craft!


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KoSeYeA13 said...


Stefan J said...

Great work.

Loved that howlin' wolf!

gee said...

That Aphex twin face is not a holographic image (an image that changes when looked at from different angles, so that it will appear 3-dimensional). The face will only become visible (in two dimensions) when you play the track through a spectrograph program, which basically visualizes the sound spectrum. Would be cool though, if one could hide holograms in music.

soundlessdawn said...

One can, when Holophonic Sound is used ~ I was merely using the Aphex 2D Spectrograph example to show that such technology can be used as a toy/novelty ~ But in the hands of a Magus/Master it can take on a much more complicated role.

Jon Kidd said...

Greatness. I love how you mess with the audio.

I don't know exactly who picks the tuneage...I'm guessing both of you..But, I like the jazzy horn stuff. I was wondering if you both have seen Metropolis the 2001 version. Your music choices remind me of that film.

Peace and respect talented ones.

HOWMusic(k) said...


The jazzy stuff was my pick. The band is called KAYO DOT, off the "Blue Lambency" album.

tommy said...

Pyramids, cool... First music I listened to and literally "saw" at the same time (with my eyes closed)

Awesome video. "Master Of Disguise" is a great song btw..

skinjob prime said...

/quote If the observer (scientist) prefers a specific genre of music, or has been advised by a higher authority (professor, employer) to prove the positive affects of that genre, then this may influence the way plants behave. Do plants conform to the emotional state of their caretakers? /end quote

Thats the Heisenberg uncertainity priciple in action my friend^^. You change the outcome by measuring it, or even more blatant, your mind creates the outcome by merely thinking it^^

what great artist we al are without even knowing

Tigno323 said...

I am able to activate my 3rd eye,when in a lucid state when going to sleep,seems to happens when every i dream abot sex,(tantra) it creates a lucid state,then i listen to the sound of scilence in my head,then it gets louder buzzing,then your body goes paralysis,then you go NDE,i went NDE 1 time only,but this happend to me 4 times before.fear held me back from going into the light all the way,it was ego death,felt like it the light was deleting my mind.but i came back totally refreshed

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That Aphex twin face is not a holographic image (an image that changes when looked at from different angles, so that it will appear 3-dimensional). The face will only become visible (in two dimensions) when you play the track through a spectrograph program

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