Friday, March 27, 2009

Balmy Weather Podcast Episode #1?

At the Vortex of Agitation and Humi(L)dity: A traveler's Guide to Self Denial and The Dangers of Certainty.

Second Hand Questions, Phony European Accents, and
Fairy tales for Your Bedtime. The Genuflection to much
Stormier Weather ~ A virus Replicated to show how easy it can be to select a Mask from the Great Hall of Masks, in this masquerade infernal~e. More Honest than Mainstream will allow, Yet not Quite as honest as being Naked on your Death bed: but that's a bit morbid, don't you think?

~ S. Willner
Psychonaut & Court Jester
Peek-A-Boo AK


KoSeYeA13 said...

I hope you have more of this. It's def a cool concept.

KoSeYeA13 said...

And I def agree with you on the relationship thing

soundlessdawn said...

Ha ~ Bi~product of a broken heart on this End. But I'm quite convinced it only exists in works of fiction.. Although, I've seen some couples out there that are quite good actors/actresses.. But in the end it turns into a sort of companion~ate Roommate Love.. Which isn't entirely negative.. But the fact that it is also partially a prison setup to some extent ~ Is enough to scare the sound minded away from the whole ordeal.. Desperately driven to be proven wrong on this one..

Eunus Noe said...

So this was pretty fascinating.
entertaining too. Why is it so rare to bring humor to this work? ...
and that is where you were so successful. I began thinking about what many of us do, and those who have been able to derive a living selling people things that are more interesting than what the mainstream news organizations are selling.

So let's talk about this.

Are "synchromystics" (for lack of a a better term) primarily philosophers w/ a teleologic and/or ontological bent? Or are we reality scientists with literal eyes for literal history decoding the past and stories literally understanding that there is a controlling power that communicates to (? itself, initiates, or more??).

Honesty. nice.

So I address much of this on my sight with this post:

I do have a super identity. And it may have started at one point from a place of fear. At this point I don't fear the darkness coming and getting me but dont know if I want all this thinking aloud to be attributable to my ego. This space is my sketchbook that I take very seriously.

So belief. I do believe in the bible and Jesus, but not anymore than Superman or King Arthur. There is no difference. Our stories order the chaos, and our Heroes relate the story (It is the same story) to us over and over.

I guess what I believe can be found in my last two posts:

I don't think you care, and that is ok. It is just that this thing that you've done is different. This is real and true and interesting. fun. You are sharing, so that is what I think.

tommy said...

"Tweeny teens say give me gadgets" hahaha

I hate to sound like a "sycophant" but this is really awesome, funny as hell and enlightening...

I can't believe people think you're a shill... I made a comment on CelticRebel about people making money with their work being wrong if they're speaking out against the banks but I only pointed out people who obviously weren't ailed and in need of medical aid. I'd donate if I wasn't flat broke.

Nice song at the end...

KoSeYeA13 said...

I've recently gotten into an open relationship, and its actually quite nice, but honestly Ive been driven away from commitment due to one to many broken hearts.

Andy Christ said...

you are fucking killing me steve, OMFG

Unmutual said...

So is Barmy Weather taking over from where AK's Stormy Weather left off? :-)

soundlessdawn said...

It was just something I did spontaneously for Fun.. But if I end up doing more shows.. I'm going to try and get some pretty unique guests on for sure.

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,

Fun show. I enjoyed the off the cuff screwing around. This whole community could use a lot more light heated fun poking. I agree with your comments about everyone taking themselves way too seriously.

This second matrix is full of just as much shite as the first one. It all needs personal examination. There is no one researcher spouting truth, the truth is each of ours to experience ourselves... or something like that.

Look forward to hearing more. Thanks for struggling through the pain!

Z said...

bravo steve! great concept.

Anonymous said...

the cat that can be let out of the bag didnt exist until the bag was opened....yet WE KNOW the bag only exists in the hands OF THE CAT....

which brings me to the crux....

if Darwin had been a violinist, Jung had been a hermaphrodite and JFK had been Oswald THEN....if only

because the cat points the Way with a mouse....

(I did this on purpose...for MYSELF)

Indras Net said...

awsome show haha, Im lookin forward to more. The new ISIS record however was somewhat dissapointing but im pumped you threw a jam on there. Be well man and when can we see some more media projects?

Anonymous said...

holy shit bro, i didnt know you lurk GLP xD

soundlessdawn said...

I don't lurk ~ I simply was doing a google search.. and the Shill link came up.

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve, what's the song credit on begin of podcast ? Thanks dood.

soundlessdawn said...

It's Isis ~ "Ghost Key"

Anonymous said...

bad ass fucking show guys- sure aint enough peers mak'en talk bout' these here interesting subjects [in all honesty]. keep it up. holds the whole thing in the soft and shady peet. a nice counterbalance to the usual amazement you got pouring all out and over. yall never fail to continually impress more and more.

were all founders of this new generation of 'vagabond' culture. seekers building a culture to understand and communicate this new/old mythology we're reintroducing. redefining the capitalist standard of penniless artists struggling in the gutter, into the intelligent associates of a grander idea, that do the work of building a culture without the shackles of the selfish design. we do it because it needs to be done, and for that end as much as possible, but we find more and more, we can become- not as the previous generation of snake oil salesmen serving themselves and marketing their wares, but we can do what we like for the greater good, and the system of giving will find a way to support us for our continued generosity. we don't have to 'design' a scheme to profit. we can do the work, and the work will scheme to support itself and us through our continued creation of it.

you inspire me time and time again, to be myself and pursue the work. thank all who are a part of this new endeavor, and you and all who have contributed, and continue to contribute to this grand work, and your part in it mr steve.

mr steve, like mysteries

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