Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Day our concept of ET's Stood Still

I just caught a rough screener of the latest 2~dimensionally skewed ET flick, and I'm sad to say that Hollywood has yet again managed to portray humanity and the vastness of the eternal cosmic ocean with the narrowest of horse blinders on.
As the Christ~Reeves character himself declares: "There are only a handful of planets in the entire universe that maintain an environment suitable for complex life, and we can't allow this one to die." A handful? Are we being Sirius with ourselves here? There's more stars in the Holographic Universe than there are grains of sand on every beach on the planet.. but Exotic life? Intelligence? That's saved for .00000000000001% of the known physical plane. This philosophy just isn't reasonable anymore. Why is it that it's practically unthinkable to pass an ET script through Hollywood that isn't centered upon wiping the human parasite off the surface of the Earth? Any ET race, given the enormity of their intellect.. that wished to destroy us and take the planet by force could have done it a million times over by now, and without all the fancy CGI. The plot suggests that these particular visitors had a Nephilim~like watcher characteristic about them ~ They were waiting to see if the human species was to become salvageable ~ If we would be birthed into the Galactic Federation or be aborted because of our inbred ignorance and violent tendencies. It apparently took the Reeves alien watching the interaction between our other JC Christ resonator Jennifer Connelly and her step~son to realize we weren't so bad after all. So they were monitoring us since the beginning of time, and failed to assess that we had multidimensional personalities and were not always hellbent on creating war and destroying the environment? That doesn't sound very observant for a species that has existed for millions of years. All rants aside ~ My main point is we are ready for a much more "grown up" representation of Cosmic Consciousness, in fact we all are in desperation for it.

The film opens with J. Connelly passing in front of a Halo 3 Poster, strengthening her resonance with the Holy Trinity. This matches up with Jake's recent find in "The House of Sand and Fog," where she injures herself ~ three nails through the foot.

***Update*** Even more Jennifer Connelly Trinity Resonance found by Mr. Kotze ~ Here in Labyrinth and Blood Diamonds.

And here's Trinity from the Matrix framed by the Zodiac Cross~Hairs as she stands before the Merovingian.

Christ-Reeves is also seen caught between the Cross Hairs in "TDTESS," and he redirects the laser sights set on him with his Messianic hands.
And a brief "Walking on Water," scenario as well ~ Or at least appeared.

Alien "Arks" in the form of energetic sphere's appear all over the Globe ~ and of course appear over the Pyramids. Their main purpose is to collect all of the animal life they can, in order to preserve them during the rinse cycle of humanity.

Reeves learns a lot about humanity during his short trip ~ But nothing as valuable as the value MEAL he picks up. There's no reason an ET can't enjoy a McGriddle during Apocalyptic raids.

The material world infringing upon the spirit world ~ The KFC/Pizza Hut just a stone's throw from the pyramids.

The main Orb/Ark/Spaceship lands in Central Park of course ~ and the Streets are ominously cleared for Keanu again ~ Just as they were in the "Devil's Advocate," on his way to meet with Lucifer. (Al Pacino) ~ and just as they were for Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky when he realized he was inside of the "matrix" or constructed mental hallucinated reality.

Cruise was of Course in "War of the World's,"(More Trinity Resonance as there are three alien suction cups displayed in the poster) Cruise's Scientology affiliation loosely ties him to Hubbard/Parsons/Crowley/Aiwaz/Oz/Et's, and ties this short sync together nicely ~ Also Christ Reeves follows the "Three Main Line's" to the machine city in the final Matrix chapter ~ and the God of the machines zaps him into their virtual empire with a Trilateral Cranial Jack. Peace ~ S. Willer

Twentieth Century Fox likes to think big(small). This time they’ve thought far outside the box. Keanu Reeves’ new movie, The Day The Earth Stood Still will be the world’s first “galactic motion picture release”. The film will be beamed into space by Deep Space Communications Network located east of Orlando. “We at Fox always like to think big, and what’s bigger than a ‘galactic’ release of a major motion picture event? We look forward to sharing The Day the Earth Stood Still with our galactic neighbours near Alpha Centauri - and look forward to their feedback...eight years from now,” said Bruce Snyder, president of Twentieth Century Fox domestic distribution.

Deep Space Communications is a private organization that was formed to communicate with outer space. The staff consists of communications experts and broadcast engineers who transmit signals regularly from the space centre into deep space. For a fee, you can also hire Deep Space Communications to send your own personalized message into deep space.

The film will move through space at 186,000 miles per second. The deep space transmission begins today to coincide with the film’s opening and can be intercepted and viewed at various points in our own solar system. Any civilizations orbiting Alpha Centauri will be able to receive and view the film through 2012.


Jake Kotze said...

The McD's M is also a 3.

I'll send you 2 other examples right now, maybe you could ad them if you feel like it.

The movie keeps representing the collapse of the form based identity all intertwined with first contact. First contact with E.T is same thing as realization of Self (cosmic consciousness). That doesn't mean that First Contact couldn't express itself also as 'alien visitation'. The 'alien' knowing full well we are ONE. Real nuts and bolts life is a spiritual phenomena.
Oh yeah, every time First Contact/Cosmic Consciousness is about to be achieved in these movies the forces of the ego show up - government, army etc - to express there concern, shout or shoot at our higher self, very funny..

Anyway I'll email you JC and 2 others lovely 3's


Not a Blogger said...

That background eerily reminds me of "The Scream" painting.

And that shot of keanu reeves walking in the empty street with his bag, looks exactly like the "G-man" from half life.

Christopher Knowles said...

The Times Square icon seems to be popping up a lot lately. A reference to hyperdimensional physics? And quite an interesting sync- I was just mulling doing a post on the Pizza-Giza-Hut issue.

A commenter on the Sun noted that Keanu is "Ki-Anu"- the mother and father gods of the Annunaki.

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

I've been fiddling with the theory of DNA lately... If DNA has not changed in the worlds history, only the variety of life that it creates has changed, then if ETs did exist it stands to reason that their DNA would be similar. Perhaps DNA is universal. Seeing ETs land would truly be the equivalent of seeing ourselves step from a saucer.

Humans in my opinion have made gigantic leaps in technology in just the last one hundred years, physically we saw miracles in the Olympics... But emotionally we're still children.

I feel that this is most of our problems lately. As an example take money. Money doesn't exists or have purpose anymore, but yet we still cling to it as a measurement of both Kindness and Cruelty.It only takes 4 cents to make no matter what the denomination (less now that it's all computerized), so it's only value is symbolic. This is a sign of our immaturity. We're are emotional messes.

The same could be said for our ability to physiological step into a stargate.... We're not ready, the majority of us could not take the change in reality.

Accidental Alchemist said...

The day the earth stood still...

In association with
DUNE entertainment 3 llc

3 arts entertainment

Lets the 3s begin.....

I don't' know if any of ya'll are writing about this yet but...

Movie starts on mount 'K'arac'K'oram. Barack o ram? Anyways. The 'One' ascends the K2 like a Crowley echo to find the alien artifact Sphere(Kabba?) He also dons the Alien goggles as he ascends.

This movie got beamed to Alpha Centauri as well.. Things that make you say are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet?

soundlessdawn said...

Excellent finds Mr. Jake ~ I just added them. Her Trinity Resonance grows and grows. Your Ego/ET/Kosmic Konsciousness comparison is spot on.. I suppose I'm just looking forward to the day when our big bad ego's don't have to rescue us just as our feet leave the ground and we can visualize the glass ceiling.. But many people DEPEND on this mechanism even during a psychedelic experience ~ It's very difficult to separate yourself from the "I am" principal. It seems
counterintuitive and alien ~ When in fact it is organic and natural. Our place is in the heavens, our potential limitless ~ I suppose I'm just anxious to see a much larger portion of the population reflect this concept of Sovereignty without identity.

Ahh.. the "Scream painting ~ I was getting that subliminally as well. :T

Chris ~ The symbol of an evacuated Times Square is certainly revealing and ominous to say the least. All city centers being ritual zones ~ and this the mother of them all.
You have Keanu ~ The male/female Yin~Yang Skywalker Annunaki God Meeting with his counter polarity Lucifer in the Devil's Advocate.. but I'm one to believe they are in fact the same entity.. This is why the world tends to feel like a prison at times ~ The greatest trick God every played was convincing humanity that he existed in separation and externalization from the self. You made a great point about the financial center being "unseen" until after 9/11 ~ people tend to not even look up as they're walking around such an enormous city. All one has to do is examine the structure of the New Year's ball that's dropped every year ~ It seems to harnesses an HD physics like effect similar to the magnetic cognitive trail created by thousands of people passing through the Epcot Ball Everyday. :D ~ Energetic Vorticies that are unseen.. that extend beyond Space/Time and into Time/Space.

Shaman ~ If you noticed in The Earth Stood Still.. They mentioned the Reeves alien had 3 separate types of DNA located in different areas of his body.. This again is Trinity Resonance.. and ties Anu the creator god(s) with genetic engineering, and frames them as being superior on a biological level. It's merely a clever ruse however ~ As ET Elitism simply makes the unknown within more palatable.

Alchemist ~ Great observations ~ I nearly forgot the flick opens with Anu Reeves climbing the holy K2 with Grey alien goggles on! Simply amazing! Just like the Mayan calendar depiction of the ancient alien astronauts. :O

Quite silly that we're beaming a film to Alpha Centauri of us shooting every missle we have at them ~ Quite a warm homecoming.

aferrismoon said...

Animals and Aliens Good , Humans Bad . Animal farm mixed with Disney injected into so-so celebs - all hail.

Humans seem to project their intelligence and fairness on to aliens, or talking animals, generally big animals for the gravitas.
Reproduction transforms into the Family replete with human family emotions [ that of course the dumbass humes no longer have]

Adam named all the animals etc in the Garden of Eden - lets say this = humans evolving to take on all animal programmes [ flying high, swimming fast, building nests,etc etc via the extensions of man] and have control over the instinct programmes, while all the animals have their programmes and don't have control over them [ also they tend to specialization, unlike humans who get forced to specialize].
Now humans project the humanity onto the animals and get left with the instinctual drives, force themselves into narrow career paths , which , with the ability to intellectualize, gets changed into a template for human behaviour.
Carlo suares wondered if humans had actually got to Genesis yet, odd that many await the last book of the bible.


Accidental Alchemist said...

One more thing...

The 'One' bears a hand scar similar to Tyler Durden's chemical burn after his "interaction" with the ET sphere.

Jaspal said...

Keanu is "Ki-Anu", what about Anakin (Kin of An) Skywalker? Remember he also turns into Darth Vader! He is of course Osiris, being defeated by Set and then becoming Set himself.

With Luke being Horus (in the Empire Strikes back he has the mark under the right eye), battling Set to avenge the dARth of his father. Luke is also Lucious and thus Lucifer, confirming the twin polarity and interchangeably of things.

Kriztyke kriztyke(at) said...

I like your work but sometimes I disagree on certain beliefs and details and such but any way I would like to ask if you and anyone else reading for that matter have seen The Objective?

I believe this movie gives one of the honest views on the UFO phenomena yet to be seen in a movie from the Hollywood screen, please see it and do an clip about it.

I am an theologian on all its fields and I know the phenomena as well as you Steve that it is about the spiritual powers and principalities, either of this fallen universe the dragon and death on good and evil or beyond origin and life.

In this movie they take the same approach and on top of that they also bring along the view on mans limited perception of the multidimensional reality, we see no static form of fourth dimensional objects.

An interesting article on this by an academic mathematician and the author of the book Surfing Through Hyperspace, if you haven't read the book why should you when you already have an experience with this dimension :)

It would also be fun if you contacted me on my e-mail address for some movie and series synchromysticism analytics because theres much too say. Thanks.

bobblebot said...

I think it's also interesting to note that outside of acting, the name of the band Keanu Reeves is a part of is DogStar

Anonymous said...

hey i was wondering if you had any ideas about why it´s called Time square?

Anonymous said...

In the fourth photo from the movie 'Labyrinth', it looks like number 13 to me.
Sorry for my bad english

soundlessdawn said...

Correct ~ Jake merely meant her head highlights the 3 ~ and thus makes her a resonator of the "Trinity" ~ Even the golden Mcdonalds arches can be seen as a 3. Peace ~ Soundless

Anonymous said...

what's cookin Steve? I've seen a water door in Benjamin Button. At the very end water floods a clock.

Thuth said...


I recently came across two conspiranoid interviews you might want to check out.

Both present ETs a great new light:

One is the Jasques Vallee interview on Binnall of America. The other is the interview with Timothy Greenfield on the paracast. Both are on my this month.
Or you could find them on Google.

I think you would enjoy them. Also, Ben Fairhall has some GREAT revelations about the Cornisholme (sp?) case over at his blog.



Let me say that I caught a little something about the Earth Stood Still flick no one seemed to. A while back I read a quote from Revelations (can't remember the exact passage) that stated that locusts would swarm as a sign of the Apocolypse. This is popular but I read the interpretation of that to be "Metal Locusts" - just like the insectoid nanomachines of appearant hive-mind that devoured every organic and non-organic material near the end of the film!




Sorry pls. dismiss or delete my previous comment. I had trouble linking my already existing google/youtube account to e-blogger for I have never blogged.

Here's my piece:
I caught a little something about the Earth Stood Still flick. A while back I read an article that interpreted the locusts from Revelations (can't remember the exact passage)as being "Metal Locusts" - just like the insectoid nanomachines of appearant hive-mind that devoured every organic and non-organic material near the end of the film!



Anonymous said...




















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