Friday, November 28, 2008

Eagle Eye, The Valkyries, and The Stairway to Enlightenment

Around and Around the Checkerboard we go ~ As we look at the reflection or manifestation of the imagery created in the subconscious mind when meditating on the wormhole, ascension, or polarity motif.. When these subliminals appear in pop culture or on the silver screen as the stairway to the Stargate.. the subtly of the cues in many cases cause us to overlook them.. But one may train the mind to interpret the universe as a holographic signature, and this training yields some very astonishing results.

Space is the Tomb in which music reverberates, and matter is comprised of the Cymatic Waves created in it's symphony hall: The Voidless Ocean. In the film Dark City ~ Tuning is a term which means an ET or AI ability to manipulate the physical universe via telepathy.. basically altering the vibration of existence with one's own thought. Curiously enough the exterior architecture of the World Trade Center buildings happened to be a three pronged tuning fork design.. and when the buildings were collapsed with ritualistic intent.. The reverberation of that action tuned the population of Earth's consciousness in an entirely new direction.. and although the magicians behind the event may have desired a different outcome.. It has allowed the sequence of time space to be viewed with more scrutiny. We now hold the cosmic keys that were once hidden from us. We now hold the magnifying lens or eagle eye that allows us to pierce the veil of linear thought and expose it's infinite dimensions.. A new language system of the cosmos is now being read by millions.. and for the first time in history.

The ritual of human sacrifice to appease the bloodthirsty Valkyries of the Earth was undoubtedly undertaken during the 9/11 Mega Ritual as well as many other sites throughout the world, and throughout time.. So the masterminds of these operations can prove that they have no fear of god.. no regard for morals.. and so they can use the power created around these events to invoke their dark masters. Those beings of the light-less dimension Crowley often made contact with ~ Those who have become immortal through technology or by other magical means.. Those who deceptively claim themselves to be the highest form of consciousness. Those who have promised life extension and other advanced technologies to the highest ranking Illuminati officials in all world governments.. in return for their aide in creating chaos across the land. I find that when I take these rather extreme variables out of the equation.. There is simply no excuse for such treachery. My only comfort is that the night is always darkest just before the dawn.

Jake Kotze ~ The Blob

Christopher Knowles ~ The Secret Sun

Henrik Palmgren ~ Red Ice Creations

Bill Ryan & Kerry Cassidy ~ Project Camelot


Anonymous said...

"WTC Tuning Fork Windows"

It's much like indian trident, trinity principle of malevolent Shiva or Satan.

See this: Trident Alert

Anonymous said...

in the last episode of Fringe the plot revolved around imaginary butterflies which killed their dreaming victim. I also saw the words "New World Order" said in one of the last episodes of Heroes

Check out the link

aferrismoon said...

Added to the Trident alert check the overhead view of the Triple Underpass at Dealey Plaza. Wrote about it and the WTC in post - 3 IN 2 1 DON'T GO.

PKD wrote as hort story about time-travelling killer butterflies

Look forward to watching this


soundlessdawn said...

The Three Wires Neo Follows into the Machine City ~ The Three Electrical Prongs inserted into his Cortex by the Leader of the Machine City.. The Three Pyramids at Giza..
The Three pieces of the Triforce in Zelda, The Three Countries which will be using the new currency system: The Amero, The Three Buildings of the World Trade Center Complex. The Trident, The Trilateral Organization, The Holy Trinity.. Three Strikes and you're out on the Masonic Court, It goes on like that for a while.. Quite curious. :D

I just watched the last episode of Fringe.. The Butterflies were only hallucinations correct? "The Pattern" they always mention is quite ominous indeed. Fiction blurs into Reality yet again.

Will check out that Tuning Fork sync Aferris ~ All of existence is Vibration. All Music is of Creation.

The Secret Sun said...

Wonderful, Steve- I've been working on a post that synchs up perfectly with the great new video and will be up early next week. And thank both of you for the shout-out.

Terry said...

nice vid. resonates with me big time. the fringe ep had the people hallucinate itd become real. The drug also came from the bufo frog but they didnt name it has dmt.

Thousandfold said...

Strange. In the picture where you note the clock being set to 9/11, the triangular light casts the clock into an All Seeing Eye. It also works into the Tri-Theme of this installment.

I doubt it was setup like that on accident. Very rarely are there coincidences in the set designs of films just as it's impossible for the designer of a building/painting/sculpture/structure to not be aware of the nuance put into the makeup of something they've spent countless hours creating.

Just thought I'd point that out.

Great work!

soundlessdawn said...

Well Transformers was directed by Michael Bay ~ So anything is possible. :D I also like how the AC vents look like rippled water.. or Waterdoors. Trust me.. when you've been at this as long as Jake and I have.. The most exciting elements are the subtext.. the small stuff.. A Tray of Wormhole Doughnuts.. A Nazi Bear Holding 4 Balloons.. Penguins and galactic center Dragons.. It's all game.

Immortel said...

Mmmmm, Wormhole Doughnuts.....

Talking about penguins, I just read this short explanation of the story "A Peacock in the Land of Penguins"

Anonymous said...

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governmind said...

the WTC Tuning Fork Windows looks like the WAMU Washington Mutual Bank logo: Here

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Fiction blurs into Reality ..

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