Monday, September 29, 2008

Zero Point Technologies, Monoatomic Gold, and The Secret of Modern Alchemy

White Powder Gold
Superhealth Through Modern Alchemy

Now is the time for Superhealth, both physically and spiritually, and we have the right tools to help you accomplish it. Even the realm it encompasses is still relatively unknown in mainstream consciousness, but its popularity is growing by leaps and bounds.

This cutting edge technology is summed up in only a few words: monatomic (or monoatomic) and diatomic elements. Classical science teaches us that the three phases of matter are gasses, liquids, and solids (but now there are the newer plasmas, condensates and liquid crystals). Some solids crystallize into lattice structures we call metals. What classical science does not teach us (because these are new and extreme cutting edge discoveries) is that there is, in fact, another phase of matter called "monatomic."

Zeropoint Technologies is recommended by Laurence Gardner and has been manufacturing and distributing safe, high quality products to resellers all over the world since 1997. This is the year to discover the nutrients your body needs to operate at peak performance to live and operate on a higher level.

These are also known as ORMES (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements) or ORMUS and m-state elements, and the newest theories in physics as they relate to this area of research assert that some elements on the periodic chart might be diatomic (two atoms) or small atomic cluster "condensates," which are known in the scientific community as "Bose-Einstein Condensates." They are becoming more widely known as "m-state" elements. These elements are widely found, and our products are a rich and highly concentrated form.

Our Products are hand made from high quality sources to bring you extremely high quality, safe monoatomics elements.

Laurence Gardner's contention is that the Biblical Ark of the Covenant was in reality: a capacitor that made it a powerful and deadly weapon, a superconductor that allowed it to levitate above ground, and a machine for manufacturing a substance called "Mfkzt" by the ancient Egyptians, "manna" by the Hebrews, and the "philosophers stone" by alchemists. At first glance, these propositions seem preposterous, and yet, after following his trail of logic, one wonders how it could have been anything other than what he insists it was.

A 1904 expedition to Mount Horeb (which the King James Version of the bible claims was the place Moses received the Ten Commandments) discovered the ruins of an Egyptian temple with hundreds of artifacts including: huge statues, obelisks, round tables, crucibles, vases and wands, and most significantly tons of a white powder concealed beneath flagstone. Through his research Gardner has ascertained that this white substance called "mfkzt" was a Monoatomic powdered gold.

By a special process of arc heating, gold and other platinum group metals, can be turned into a single atom or Monoatomic substance, that has superconductive properties. Superconductive materials are capable of levitation above magnetic fields, and Gardner speculates, that the powdered substance contained in the ark might have given it such capabilities. How else, he asks would it have been possible for four men to carry the ark when the lid alone, which was made of pure gold, has been calculated to have weighed around 2,714 pounds. It has been determined that a superconductive material will lose about 40% of its weight as a result of repulsing the earths own magnetic field. This could have made the transport of the ark manageable and therefore consistent with biblical references of the ark being marched around the city of Jericho for example.

The ark's design gives credence, as well, to stories of the destructive powers of the ark. Biblical records clearly specify that the ark was constructed of wood sandwiched between layers of gold. Gardner realized that these are the specifications of a simple capacitor, and calculates that the ark would have charged to several thousand volts, making it a powerful and deadly weapon.

As we find out in this story, the superconductive properties of mfkzt was really only a by-product that the ancients might have stumbled upon. Its main purpose was that of consumption. Numerous ancient references of mfkzt, often called "white bread" or "manna" relate to it being eaten for its healthful affects. Recent biochemical experiments have confirmed that Monoatomic platinum group metals have shown anti aging affects by increasing melatonin production, stimulate the pineal and pituitary glands, and in turn reactivation "junk DNA."


A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Finally.... I had given up being able to find a affordable bottle of this stuff. It has been super hard for me to get a hold of.

Particleion said...

I still believe there's more to all of this... Theres still so many unanswered questions about dna and quantum mechanics that when understood would lend us even deeper understanding of neural microbiology.

I see the ormus of the future as being a biological nanotech compound, assuming it isnt now ;)
This is also assuming mental mastery of physical universe is not achieved.

What this does is give us hope that there's things to be unlocked within the human body and I too believe so, but first unlock your mind then the entire universe is at your grasp...

In the mean time Im game..
munch munch munch munch

Seek Truth

Timor said...

from the free ebook: Her Prospective (2004) in the site

From pag 79:

The Annunaki came to Earth, to mine her gold. They alchemically changed the gold’s
composition and created a new substance. The substance the Annunaki made, by alchemically
transforming gold, gave them the ability to shape shift. Gold gave them, within themselves, a
conductor of energies. This allowed them to hold amazing amounts of energy within their
bodies. This process activated the d.n.a and light body, giving them the ability to travel interdimensionally
and shape shift, thus they could manipulate and control their own Merkaba
Gold the element of Kings.
Gold, the dreams of a rich man.
The rare gift of the universe.
A corruptible ore.
Manna. (Mono Atomic Gold Powder)
The alchemists of old knew what they were doing when they tried to turn lead into
gold. Their quest was to accomplish the Master Work, in other words, to prepare the Elixir of
Life. They were taught that the key to success was to divide, divide, and divide. Their aim
was to free the atoms of the element – gold, from the confines of its crystalline-like structure.
During this process, base third dimensional gold, transformed into mono atomic gold powder
or also known as Manna. This was known as the Star – Fire of the Earth.
Star fire of the Earth.
Prima Magma.
The Philosopher’s Stone.
The elixir of life.
A gift with a price.
On a stone tablet found at a Hathor temple on Mount Horeb, there shows,
Sobekhotep, "Overseer of the Secrets of the House of Gold", standing behind Hathor offering
conical cakes. These cakes are manna, Star Fire; a white powdered gold. This mono-atomic
gold, was produced through a high fire alchemical process, this was then consumed by the
Pharaoh to feed his light body. This is what the Annunaki came to Earth for, mono-atomic
gold. They came to steal the star fire of the Earth. Many planets in the universe contain
minerals, diverse and numerous, there are also many planets, that contain gold. Gold is a
great holder of information. The gold that was deep in the bowels of the Earth was holding the
energy and the secrets of the Goddess. As this Earth Manna was ingested, it brought the
Goddess’ secrets of creation and her ability to create realities, into the hands of the Annunaki.
They stole the Goddess’ wisdom, her elixir of life.
When Manna is consumed, it increases the current carrying capacity of the nervous
system by ten thousand times. Ingested Manna breaks down the psyche and gives the
recipient illusions of grandeur. The soul loses the skill to make the inner gold / the inner fire.
Manna blows up the spiritual ego, to the point where they person proclaims, they are
enlightened, ascended and spiritually evolved. The truth is they have only over inflated their
spiritual body. The inflation of the spiritual body allowed these beings, artificial ascension to
the higher fifth dimension. However they were and still are, unable to ascend any higher, as
they do not have the natural means to do so, as they are only where they are, because of the
artificial ascension of their spiritual body. They are therefore stuck in their current dimension.
To descend in dimension, is to fall in consciousness. If they allowed themselves to do this and
go through the natural process of the death portal, they would be reborn a new. The Goddess
would cleanse them of the karma that is incurred, during such an artificial ascension and allow
them to rejoin the ascension ladder and naturally ascend up through all dimensions back to
the Source, The Universal dreamer.

Do you want to make the same errors?

soundlessdawn said...

I really appreciate the comment, and I know many share that viewpoint ~ I was well aware of all of the ramifications before I decided to ingest this phenomenal amorphous light molecule ~ But based on the scientific observations I have been making in cooperation with Nova University.. as well as my own spiritual intuition ~ I'm more inclined to believe your position to be a regurgitation of disinfo that is designed to make people apprehensive about learning the secrets and benefits of alchemy for themselves.. It's not feeding the ego or an arrogant behavior to seek out optimal health and spiritual rejuvenation ~ Especially at this primitive point in our evolutionary cycle.

Timor said...

I didn't try it and so i can't and don't want to criticize;
I'm happy if the comment taken from the link was good and stimulating for you and your wonderful job.
Maybe the monoatomic gold is ineffective; i don't know.

I just wanted to give an advice because i beware of something that give you power and health but it doesn't give you teachings about your psyche and your ego.
See, as a lot of you, i tried psychedelic stuff and i love ayahuasca. But always the better part was when the the experiences teached me about my lower nature and how to trasmutate (Nigredo).
It's very different to be trues Alchemists or Charcoal Blowers

"The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone,"

You think is Gold?

"A stone that causes men to stumble and a rock that makes them fall."

Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem Veram Medicinam

Just thinks about this ;-)

Thanks and good job

Anonymous said...

hey Steve,i got the zenergy and tried it,i didnt feel anything initially,its been day 1 and i will continue to use it everyday to see the changes.i will approach this in a scientific manner.

soundlessdawn said...

Congrats on the first step ~ The effects are cumulative.. just like a super food diet. Peace ~ S

willis said...

Many thanks for turning me onto this! I've been taking it for about 2 weeks now and I feel completely super charged, the most astounding aspect is in my dreams. It is if I were dreaming before without the rest of my senses! The only way to describe is to say that my dreams are now in High Definition.


soundlessdawn said...

That's one of the many amazing benefits for sure ~ Try keeping a small Tape Recorder at you bedside and just start talking when you wake up ~ I've had some astonishing experiences.. where storyline's during the REM cycle link up and continue months apart.

Anonymous said...

If you've ever read or heard about Silver Colloid then you can see the relationship it has to this post.

You can make colloidal silver at home. I do and it has proven to work wonders for me. I purchased a Silver Pulsar from SOTA INSTRUMENTS which is a product that allows you to make colloidal silver and clean the blood through a tested process of 'blood electrification.' RE: Dr. Bob Beck

Google Video - search: Suppressed Medical Discovery (I suggest you watch the 2 hour lecture).

I've been using colloidal silver for over one year now; haven't had a cold or even a sore throat since.


Canadian Patriot For Ron Paul

Anonymous said...

duder, I lost your soundlessdawn email, i can't remember the @ part, but oh well; here is a link that I found funny

Mfkzt said...


Costas said...

I would refrain from monoatomic gold, these substances would enhance temporarily my psychic abilities, but in the long run they would lock my DNA in the 3D realm, closing the entrance in higher densities.
I suggest to research further before put these substances in your body, there are simpler ways, without money, don't let greed for abilities blind your judgement.

Costas said...

I like very much your job and I don't want to show up as a critic of what you put in your body, that is your right, I just ask if you know the research of L. Kervran in collaboration with G. Ohsawa about the biological transmutations in the physical body.
When we are ready, the alchemic process starts on its own in our pineal gland, any exterior push could cancel the ascension of the light body due to free will violation -our cells have to be conscious, before they pushed by any mean.
Of course that is my personal belief, that no pill, dust, spell or drug is really a choice for the evolution of awareness, it is only a contract with other entities.

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Monoatomic Gold said...

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