Thursday, August 7, 2008

Masquerade Infernale, The Hanged Man, and The Loom of Fate

O, what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practice to deceive!

There is an undeniably strange and phenomenal energy surrounding the death of heath ledger.. He's portrayed as the master of chaos and a Jester in Batman. The Dark Carnival's champion in Casanova, inquisitor of the Luciferian pope in the Order.. and most recently, he can be seen wearing a tattoo of the eye of illumination on his forehead as he hangs from yet another noose in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

He Resonates with galactic center.. As he bears self designed tattoos which geometrically represent the time
of the crossing.. as well as the opposite polarity ~ the twin sign or Gemini.. as we see the Yin Yang sign on
his arm in the film Two Hands.. and his friendship with the Olsen Twins.. one of which was called in for questioning
in relation to his death.

Heath swaps the white mask for the black mask and vice verse in Casanova..
Again welling up imagery of Stanley Kubrick's final jab in the side of the Illuminati in Eye's Wide Shut. The Mask may be used to shroud one's identity.. to become someone else.. or to become more than a man.. to become an Ego less idea.. One that veils your imperfection ~ an illusion of purification.

The Serpent Hugs the Tree of knowledge during a ceremony in the ninth gate..
this galactic crossing or the Mayan description of the serpent ropes all point to the ushering in of a new age as we approach the ecliptic.. The Dragon, feathered snake, or phoenix
all being aesthetic symbols of this aeonic flux.

The occult or hidden hand is dark in that it is mysterious to you..
It is a vast chasm of knowledge withheld.. Given to you in slices..
Incomplete pieces of an ever growing puzzle.. it enrages you as a
quarantining and compartmentalization of your true potential should be in nobody's hands but your own..
This idea.. this gnosis.. keeps you wanting.. searching the void for the legend that ties everything together
which explains in the most precise and simplistic fashion.. the webbing of cosmic illumination.

Ledger is forced to ask a hanging man just such a question as he is in the death throws of his final
living moment.. A Lucid state or purgatory whence you can view the knowledge between existences. Ledger becomes a Sin Eater..
A Pardoner of evil.. Even beyond the power and reach of the Catholic church.. he gains the ability to purify even the most depraved human's soul.. in effect becoming a god himself.
The transfer of this immovable power takes place over a curious star shaped geometry.. where a man becomes an immortal.. Within a circle of power representative of the structure and orientation of the universe these abilities may be learned.


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Dedicated to the memory of Kent Daniel Bentkowski ~ You will be missed:


A Few Shots to Shaman said...

I had a dream of seeing people come out of a stargate reading the next days paper, I thought that it would be nice to know the happenings of tomorrow. Now as Will Smith pays 6+ dollars per gallon of gas and I pay $80.05 for a full tank the clock strikes midnight in 8/8/08 and the torch of Prometheus marches in to the heart of China. "May be you should buy American."

aferrismoon said...

Hi Steve.
Wow u have raised the frequency. Relating to the last article I saw a programme about water and how 'prayer' [ or certain frequencies of human voice], can make water crystals form into beneficial structures or not.
MASURO EMOTO site - this is the Japanese Waterologist that does the research.
Could be vile BS , but I have decided to imagine that I , with my puny/amazing mind can restructure 'bad' water

I shall wait for the Olympic ceremony doowop before watching this piece.

dedroidify said...

Excellent video, look forward to you guys teaming (theme-ing) up more ;) and thanks for the ref.

I swear I heard you say "Oz wide shut" :p eye=o lol.

Ben said...

Today, I realized that the tunnel my bike was entering was octagon shaped. I couldn't help but feel it was destiny . Tata, for now my teetos.

Anonymous said...

Hey, there is a really interesting article over at regarding batman, check it out. Must be some further tie ins with the Crow and Brandon Lee's death. Love your work.

Santiago said...

It's about time someone pointed out the 911 imagery in the Batman Poster...nice alchemical eye.

aferrismoon said...

Scintillating production.
Mixing the up-to-date news in works well, giving it that reality-fantasy flip, and the 2 different voices works to great effect.
Look forward to watching it again in a month or so, see how it transpires
Aferrismoon via Hebrew = APhRSMUN = 437 = the time your post went online
Thanks for the nod.
All the blessed

Michael said...

Fascinating. Jake's amazing accent lends it's charm to the production.

I just last night viewed 'Krull' for the first time, from which a few octagonal scenes are generated. I rented it mainly because James Horner did the music - a synch track worth taking, someday.

Today I walked to my brother's cemetery, and stopped at a peaceful fountain to rest. I noted it was centered in octagonal brick masonry. Fascinating how the dreaming Mind seeps through all of us at once.

Cheers, Michael

Jon Kidd said...

Notice the hexagon sequence pattern on the jokers shirt? I noticed it in the theater with great amazement. The dark night was a flood of syncs. The one that stood out most to me is the scene where the Joker sits atop a pyramid of money, slides down the peak, and ignites the money. So we have the all seeing hexagon clothed joker on top of the all seeing currency pyramid. The meaning behind the burning of the money is questionable. But I think Joker resonates Thoth as the trickster and his mercurial chaotic behavior underlines this if you read up on Thoth Hermes. The scene where Joker blows up
Gotham General Hospital finds him exiting the building wearing a first aid cross pin on his nurses outfit, crossing directly in front of the octagonal caduceus ambulance symbol while, in the background, the walkway connecting the two buildings has two red checker boards, two 'X's, and the word emergency in the middle. Prior to this classic exit Two face points a gun(prop)at the Brandon Lee resonating Trickster while leaving it up to chance(a two sided Gemini coin) whether he lives of dies. I really hope Steve does a Dark night video. I haven't even seen Batman Begins yet! I'm imaging its gonna be a syncbomb as well.

Great video Steve and Jake!

Jon Kidd said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jon Kidd said...

"Its not about money its about sending as message." Is the quote from the Joker as the money pyramid burns in the background. I'm sorry but right after I posted I resumed my scan of the Dark night and skipped to the scene where Gordan calls Joker a clown in a box. Or in my mind a Thoth in a cube considering his hexagon cube shirt contains the chaotic trickster who entices you to play his musical game that pops at random. Its seems this song(Pop goes the weasel) was spread in 17th century England and a look in Wiki(hive mind) connects the song to money. So I'm gonna stop now and write about this on Wordpad for a while.

Aaron said...

In regards to Heath Ledger and twin, or Gemini connections- dont forget Two Face from Darknight.

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