Thursday, March 27, 2008

Red Ice Creations Part Deux

Steve Willner from Labyrinth of the Psychonaut returns to the program to discuss some of his latest video's and explore further the topics of the cosmic particle accelerators, CERN, the waterdoor, the tower of Babel and the evolution of man. Join us for a fascinating discussion. Topics Discussed: Ouroboros, CERN, the waterdoor & the looking glass technology, S R Haddon (from the movie Contact) EsarHaddon and the tower of Babel, The Modern Tower of Babel as the Hadron Collider and the Search for the God Particle, Pineal gland as the internal eye, dreams and the unconscious, 2012 and evolution through the cosmic particle accelerators, water, Actor "Sir" Ian McKellen, The upcoming movie Rendezvous with RAMA, "Protection" of the earth, God, purpose and the divine force in the universe, the Holographic Universe, a paper on Synchromysicism and much more.
- Listen to Interview -
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Synkronos23 said...

Hey Nostroadamas,
I thoroughly enjoyed the interview and your predictions. I don't have a great deal of money to donate for your jaw surgery fund I wish I could. I could pray over a lottery ticket and mail it to you (joking). I could offer something better than money. I can focus some positive thoughts and suggest some psychosomatic solutions.
I know you aren't able to get to your emails because of life and all, but we really do need to chat sometime.
I would like to solicit some of your time and wondering if I could possibly set up an interview. A private one. It is not that i have anything to hide. I just don't know if you feel comfortable discussing it over the net in the open.

I agree with many of your views and ideology. I love your videos and the way you are reaching people and I am trying to learn how to maintain and create a network for all of us to share our work and wares. I love people owning the media instead of the corporations owning the media and therefore owning the people. I really feel compelled to discuss somethings with you. I have tried to reach you through email

I agree with you strongly on us being imprisoned by the three major religions and I do feel that we are the I(eye) in the triangle. But ultimately it is how WE VIEW THE WORLD. I am also one of those soda drinking, non dreamers. But I dream during the waking hours. I am also vibing really well with the Einstein theory of everything and using my synchromystic tools to help find the closer ties. But who cares why we got here. Let's figure out how to get out of here. And communication is the key. Communication is the moral of the story of the tower of babel. Also realize its a metaphor to galactic center or a stairway to the heavens. Possibly it could be a stargate of some sort...the pineal gland could be our multidimensional port. WE could be germs of another lifeform. No one KNOWS anything for sure. Everyone is Right. Everyone is wrong.

You should use your talent to spread thought seeds. Which you are doing already. But what kind of thoughts are they. I don't believe in Karma or the devil or a scapegoat. So I am not saying the Media is DEVIL> Nothing of the sort. I do like the direction you are going and enjoyed most of the interview.

I really think you have the makings of a great technoshaman or scientific illumanist or a chaos/taoist theorist, whatever label you want to give it.

In the light of your Blazing star,

aferrismoon said...

Hi SW -
My 'best' thing about the TALKING is the enjoyment and faith u have in yourself and your 'at present' beliefs. 'U' have some opinions which u seem to have faith in, yet even though I could disagree with the 'wording' I never feel excluded or that I can't be included. The ideas tend to send me off on my trajectories, and this comes from your 'talk' projecting your energy rather than some 'view'.
Anyhow synchronmistically HP Blavatsky-HP Lovecraft Henrik Palmgren.
If u send me your land address [to my email] I can send some money I don't have a credit card and I have a Cz bank account and am still a bit 'wary' of the electronic money-sending [ personal wierdnesses, doubtless]
Have u looked around some grant-giving bodies, I mean even something as wierd as the Rockefeller Foundation , these 'giants' often have parts to them that 'help'.
In fact I'm listening to ' Bridge over troubled Waters' CASH

soundlessdawn said...

Thanks Synkronos - We will chat soon, as I have just emailed you. ;D

Cool HP syncs Aferris - I didn't even catch that whilst I was talking about them - love it when that happens. ;D

It's very falttering that I can talk about such extreme subject matter and manage not to exclude everyone - that has been a goal of mine for quite a while now.

Thanks for the offer my friend - although I don't have your email address? - send it along - and we'll do this via Snail Mail. That would be ironic - but Rockefeller owes me - He owes us all big time.

aferrismoon said...

hi Steve

Does this mean that u didn't receive the Southland Stuff? I did resend it.

I put it here in case.
I also caught the neat sentence about crafting... in the HoloG.Universe

Also looking out for small change on the streets and stuff announces to Universe that a bit of cashflow is needed. Universe then gives u a coupla cents and when one accepts them , generally from the street, Universe tends to think ' Oh he needed that, he can't be shitting me about a larger amount'. If one asks for 'Spare Change' the hyper-cool Universe says ' Change Yourself', while turning into a little girl who stick her tongue for at least 2 light years.
Actually the last bits not true.
The penny/cent exercise can be augmented by imagining where one may find this little giftette. It happened for me twice, coin right where I imagined it

There have been about 5 or 6 separate comments in various comments advising people to see Southland Tales- Vinay , Iadmin, a couple at Synchromystic Forum over the past coupla weeks.
Here's my email if u didnae get it
My bitty exegesis follows thus -
Southland Tales
The story/reality gets written by Jericho Cane / JC/ Boxer Santeros , Saint=
His hand movements make me think of the black characters in PKD novels. Oft=
en with profession like physicist or some classic white profession.They wer=
en't stereotyped as freedom fighters, but he would explore their relationsh=
ip with the whites of varying hues. PKD wrote in the 50s and 60s. The films=
influenced by PKD , so confessed R.Kelly.
Flow my tears the Policeman said - relates The Acts of the Apostles
The film - relates Revelations
I notice that Revelations has 22 verses, as the Tarot has 22 letters, and C=
rowleys Book of the Law has 220 verses.
Dwayne Johnson's acting impressed me, the bouts of sudden introversion cont=
rolled by his gestures.=20
The film took on a feel of a Dick novel, often difficult to resolve, but ch=
arged and flowing, skipping in and out of time and place, rubbing up agains=
t the various repeating symbols.
I looked up APOCALYPSE and it means uncovering. the Apocalypse uncovers wit=
hin, in our inner Universe, though we tend to perceive the effects of our i=
magination through description, placing them apart from we and project them=
outside of ourselves and call it horror , or end times.
Revelation =3D Apocalypse, as I assume revealing =3D uncovering. if we don'=
t get it in the 1st word we,ve got 22 Chapters to click.
The bittiness of the film I liked , its like life. Lost does it too, perhap=
s why its bearable.=20
Reiteration - gun to the temple, repeating motif.Noone pulls the trigger th=
ough. Are they all the one movement , all the same person, who is the film?
The world slowing down to create a crimewave, the story coming from Boxers =
mind, and the crimewave kills Boxer who brings Apocalypse.
Hell I'd like to more specific but I can't remember the film except in blur=
. I need to watch and write. perhaps add some more later.

aferrismoon said...

Plus I saw Vantage Point the other night, that crazy Forest whitaker again, with a camera to his eye dressed in a Checker Shirt. He doesn\t die.
Anyhow must filch your Butterfly photos

soundlessdawn said...

That's awesome - That will fit perfect into my new series - It's gonna be in 2 or 3 parts packed to the brim. ;D

Bigevil said...

Excellent interview, check out my blog if u get the chance. I lack you and jake's extensive occult knowledge so I confess I use mostly intuition which I've grown to trust in myself but I try to write from the heart. The optimism you expressed in your interview as well as Jake's lax approach is extremely refreshing as 90% of the internet is mostly paranoia. Fear doesn't help anything at all so thanks a lot for that it gives me great hope for the future.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The interview is very refreshing.
Thank you.

Tigno323 said...

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Bigevil said...

Hey Steve I just found this sync thats absolutely perfect for you, the episode of Pokemon entitled "Challenge of the Samurai" with the theme of Ash Katchum's pokemon metapod (an evolved cocoon form of caterpie) transforming into "Butter(free)" or an evolved Butterfly pokemon after the metapod out of love for his trainer throws himself in front of a Saturnian beedrill to protect him from being severely stung...& this episode first aired in the U.S. on of all days.....September 11th, 199(8).
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