Monday, March 10, 2008

The Holographic Universe

This is my Entry for the "One Minute Shift" Contest. Many of you are familiar with my current health problems, and I have several surgeries looming. Top prize is $1000, so it goes without saying this could really change my life if I were to win.
If you would like to increase my chances of winning and you like the video - Please send an email to youtube member shiftinaction saying you'd vote for "The Holographic Universe" by soundlessdawn - Please do not spam them - This is a noble project and should be respected. Thanks so much! - Click Here -


aferrismoon said...

Hi. sent an email 'bout ST, somewhat vague methinks . Tried to find where to vote but couldn't work it out, any suggestions.
Latest vid, must watch again. Lost in the mix, aren't they all. Thank god they're recorded or I'd think I was dreaming.

soundlessdawn said...

Never got that email Aferris? - Love your new stuff as always.

aferrismoon said...

I have sent it again, this time with the right address. Sending things synchromystically incurs Mailer Demon.
There should be a new computer game_ Tibet .v. Israel - lamas with psychic Merkabah Tanks battling it out with the Rabbinic Hashasheens from Star Wars.
All the best

aferrismoon said...

In Butterfly the guy who sees the future is looking at photos of Sarah Geller, one brief one is Krysta in southland: he says - I don't believe in coincidences.
She's called Trista in this Movie

soundlessdawn said...

Great one man! - That will be in my video for sure.

Dennis Igou said...

You are so syncro. Perhaps the torch is passed to you. Keep on expressing your truth. Respectfully., Dennis from Oregon.

Anonymous said...

Great vid. Minor synch with my life as I've been reading alot of Mckenna and about different peoples experiences with DMT in the past few weeks. Your editing with the Robert Gray art help crystallize my vision of what the experience might be like. Also thought your 'theological' take on the holographic universe is right on. Thanks.


soundlessdawn said...

Thanks everyone - Once you see the Polygons - The Green Rain - The System within a System that keeps the spirals turning - It's Presicison. It's delicate balance - You are looking into the eye of God - And you are also looking within yourself.

ericswan said...

I would appreciate it if you would update your profile.
Dance the light fantastic,
Boots on the ground.
Toes in the dirt.
There are many dimensions.
But the top of the evolution is 3D.
We are all that there ever was.

ericswan said...

The Four Faculties Part V of VI:

The Akashic Records

Now as I beheld the living creatures, behold one wheel at the bottom hard by the living creatures, at the four faces thereof. The appearance of the wheels and their work was like unto the color of a beryl; and they four had one likeness; and their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel within a wheel.

– Ezekiel I:15 – 16

Pisces 12: A very large disk consisting of circles of light with dark grey interspaces. These circles resemble wheels within wheels, which I find on closer examination to be spiral, all revolving.

– The Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized by Charubel, Fowler London 1907

What these seers were seeing and trying to describe is the organization of the universe (the thought form part of it anyway); namely, the akashic records: swirling spiral chains of thought forms; infinite lines of scene after scene after scene stretching to infinity, in an infinity of sequences, which from a distance resemble whirling helical cones made of filaments of living light – light which glows with awareness, which exudes awareness.

The image given to William Butler Yeats was that of two interpenetrating gyres (conical spirals) twirling this way and that; the image given to me (and also to Busteed, Tiffany and Wergin) was that of wheels within wheels, and wheels upon wheels – i.e. cycles within cycles within cycles, all spinning this way and that. But in fact these images are merely images, because there is NO order or regularity in the universe. Our perceptions are orderly and regular, but that has nothing to do with the actual universe, which is utterly chaotic. Our perceptions are of order and regularity, but – contrary to popular opinion – they are not perceptions of the universe. For example, what we perceive as the linear sequence of time is actually the shift of attention between different levels of memory.

The reason the spirits suggested these images (gyres or wheels) is to represent time as something other than a straight line. These models of time are no more correct than the well-ordered continuum model because the universe, being utterly chaotic, cannot be modeled except by chaos. Nonetheless the gyre or wheels-within-wheels models are closer to the truth than the linear model because they are more representative of what is actually going on than is the linear model. The linear model describes time in waking consciousness, wherein all we are dealing with is a single sequence of personal history and future (Will); but this model fails when we go beyond that and enter the realm of dreaming, wherein we are considering all past and future lives and probable realities (Mask) – the totality of our being rather than one particular ramification of it (Will = this present lifetime). Thus the gyre and wheels-within-wheels are more inclusive or encompassing models of time than is linearity.

The part of the akashic records which is available to us as humans is accessed by the faculty which we call memory. Memories (the thought form components at least) are not stored in the physical brain, as materialists believe. They are stored in the akashic records. The physical brain accesses the akashic records in the same way that the eyes access certain wavelengths of light and the ears access certain wavelengths of sound. The overall effect creates the illusion of a physical world surrounding us, but in point of fact the individual memories being accessed – out of all the probable realities possible – are determined largely at random.

We can access these thought forms of memory stored in the akashic records in one of two ways: dynamically (sequentially, as we do in everyday life) or statically (all at once, as we do when we recapitulate all of our life memories at the moment we die). But in fact the entire body of the akashic records is not only available right there at every moment in time, it is actually pressing on it. It's not creating it per se (it is the action of mind to create thought forms) but rather the weight of the akashic records provides the general form or matrix out of which mind can finish shaping a thought form. Mind doesn't start from scratch but relies heavily upon memory to create thought forms. There are realms in which memory doesn't exist: we can access these in moments of ecstasy, but we can't create thought forms in these moments. Even as low a level of ecstasy as climactic orgasm is so "NOW" that there's not enough room (separatedness) for much memory to bear upon it.

Mind is guided, or nudged along, by memory, and at the same time it imposes a temporality or linear march of time on memory. Mind cannot exist without memory (it cannot organize something in sequence if there is nothing to organize); but memory can exist without mind (the thought form bank exists as a whole and can be experienced as a whole in lucid dreaming, after death, and even in very poignant moments in waking consciousness, without any sense of temporal sequence or "time").

To say that the akashic records are pressing upon each new moment is to say that the thought form we create at each moment of "time" includes our memory of what one-cell creatures feel; which led them to evolve into more complex life forms – animals, vertebrates, mammals, primates, and then into humans – with the memories of all those feelings; as well as all of the feelings we have ever felt in all of our own incarnations as humans; together with the feelings we felt at each moment in our present lifetime and all of its probable realities. All levels of memory, striving, hope, aspiration, fear etc. come to bear upon each new moment in our lives, help to shape it out of material that is familiar. Life isn't a zing-zing-zing from one incomprehensible scene to another – it has an orderly progression to it, which is what we mean by the principle of mind. Mind is thus a more specialized facet of memory.

Even rocks have memory, but they don't have mind. They have feelings, but they don't create thought forms in the same sense in which we humans do. They don't have what we would consider a sense of time. Note that rock spirits are not the same thing as the innate spirit of the rocks which they inhabit. They are spirits who possess a rock, or tree, or body of water in the same way that spirits can possess humans. But a rock itself has a proper spirit, or feeling, which can also be characterized as memory. Rock memory is not organized sequentially: if we pick up a rock and smash it to the ground in anger, it (or all of its pieces) will "remember" that feeling of anger, but not as part of an ordered sequence. So while inorganic life has a faculty of memory, it doesn't have mind – it doesn't create thought forms. What we conceive of as a "rock" – the sum total of properties which we classify as "rockness"; the way we know that something is a rock – i.e. our learned "rock" thought form; is completely our creation and has nothing to do with the actual rock, or anything that rock is feeling.

Look at it this way: the inverse square law (gravity, magnetism etc.) is a fabrication. It doesn't describe anything that is really going on in the universe. It wasn't even true of anything until Newton came along and made it true. Of course, Kepler, Copernicus etc. were also pushing that idea along, it didn't start with Newton. He didn't conjure that thought form up out of thin air, but based it on things other men had done before him. That's what is meant when it is said that memory is the shaper of thought forms on which mind puts the finishing touches. The future pulls the past along: it was just as much Newton trying to do what Newton tried to do which influenced Kepler to do what Kepler did, which called upon Copernicus to do his thing, as it was the other way around. Humankind was pushing along in the direction of making an inverse square law describe a certain type of light fiber, on which it had pasted the thought form of "gravity". But it could have just as easily pasted other thought forms on that same light fiber, and organized other bodies of thought forms (other evolutions or bodies of memory) to describe the same phenomenon.

Magic, for example, is a wholly different way of organizing basically the same thought form material as materialistic science. A master magician can fly, read thoughts, communicate over long distances, etc. A materialistic scientist can also do some of these things, but he needs a machine to do them. He needs the prop of a machine thought form to perform these dream tasks because in his conscious, accessible memory humans can only do these things with machines. But there are other possibilities of memory, other lines of memory which can be accessed, in which these feats can be performed as acts of intent, or magic, but still within the basic context of human memory. And there are other levels of memory which can be accessed (that of cellular and even molecular feeling) which are even weirder. But all these memories press upon, or shape, the present moment. The Wright Brothers, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, were all reaching out along one particular line of memory; but they were influenced by other lines of memory (the racial memory that humans – albeit magicians – can fly, communicate at a distance, see in the dark, etc.). Which in turn is based upon memories of other possibilities of experience. The whole thing is a turning wheel, with wheels within wheels. And although it's evolving, it's not going anywhere in particular.

The collective memory of the human race forms and informs each new thought form created by any individual human; and each thought form gives a little tug to the direction that collective memory is heading in, just as each drop helps fill a bucket. Memory is an anchor that holds us back in a sense, but also stabilizes our experience – grooves it – by providing us with a feeling of familiarity. Without an underlying feeling of familiarity, everything would be truly bizarre. Familiarity is what ties everything together for us, gives us a sense of continuity, etc. Familiarity is to memory what importance is to mind – it stabilizes it. Without a feeling of familiarity everything would be like new every instant. Even a baby has a sense of familiarity to stabilize him, otherwise he'd be completely disoriented.

Master magicians, unlike average people, have no sense of familiarity. They find every minute totally disorienting. They just don't freak out about it as an average person would since they've gotten used to it. They've learned to operate without a sense of self or center, in an environment that is totally unfamiliar. In other words, they have familiarized themselves with the unfamiliar. They use familiarity just like everyone else uses familiarity, to steady themselves, to provide a springboard to action. But they don't cling to familiarity and go bananas when they find themselves in a thoroughly unfamiliar and disorienting situation.

Carlos Castaneda describes the direct experience of the Daimon as follows:

Then I exploded. I disintegrated. Something in me gave out; it released something I had kept locked up all my life. I was thoroughly aware then that my secret reservoir had been tapped and that it poured out unrestrainedly. There was no longer the sweet unity I call "me." There was nothing and yet that nothing was filled. It was not light or darkness, hot or cold, pleasant or unpleasant. It was not that I moved or floated or was stationary, neither was I a single unit, a self, as I am accustomed to being. I was a myriad of selves which were all "me," a colony of separate units that had a special allegiance to one another and would join unavoidably to form one single awareness, my human awareness. It was not that I "knew" beyond the shadow of a doubt, because there was nothing I could have "known" with, but all my single awarenesses "knew" that the "I", the "me," of my familiar world was a colony, a conglomerate of separate and independent feelings that had an unbending solidarity to one another. The unbending solidarity of my countless awarenesses, the allegiance that those parts had for one another was my life force.

A way of describing that unified sensation would be to say that those nuggets of awareness were scattered; each of them was aware of itself and none was more predominant than the other. Then something would stir them, and they would join and emerge into an area where all of them had to be pooled in one clump, the "me" I know. As "me" "myself" then I would witness a coherent scene of worldly activity, or a scene that pertained to other worlds and which I thought must have been pure imagination, or a scene that pertained to "pure thinking," that is, I had views of intellectual systems, or of ideas strung together as verbalizations. In some scenes I talked to myself to my heart's content. After every one of those coherent views the "me" would disintegrate and be nothing once more. … I longed for the "unknown" where my awareness was not unified.

– Carlos Castaneda, Tales of Power

How could it be that we are, at root, a cluster of separate awarenesses when it seems to us that we are so unified? Think about this analogy: when a sufficient number of the cells in our body require water, "we" feel thirst. Actually, that's all "we" are or ever could be: the momentary union of a bunch of disparate tendencies or feelings which unite intents for an instant to achieve a common purpose, just as soldiers submerge their individualities to achieve a common purpose. And when that purpose is achieved, everything dissolves once again. What we really are is like a pointillist painting, like Sunday afternoon at the Grande Jatte, which seems to make some kind of sense – which seems to be familiar – but all it really is is a bunch of dots.

The world is completely new, startlingly new and unrecognizable, every instant. To us it seems that this present moment is similar to a moment ago. But this is a falsehood: every moment is a whole new ballgame, with completely different rules. Familiarity is a gloss or lie we tell ourselves that what is happening at this moment bears any resemblance whatsoever to what was happening a moment ago. It makes us focus upon the features of reality which seem to persist – the thought forms. Thought forms have no persistence either: what they have is a little built-in tape recorder saying over and over "I persist! I persist! Look ma, I persist!" Listening to this tape recording occupies our total attention, so that we never look around and notice that nothing persists, that every passing moment is utterly baffling and ineffable. Familiarity is the basis of our sense of separatedness. Without familiarity we dissolve into what we actually are – a zillion separate awarenesses

Here is an even better analogy: we actually see two very different scenes every passing moment through our two eyes, and yet we are somehow able to blend them together and are consciously aware of only one scene (unless we are too drunk or drugged to keep the two views separated). This blending faculty we learned as infants – newborns still do see two scenes, and they have little sense of themselves as separated, isolated, individual beings in consequence. There are two things going on which compete for attention in an infant's visual awareness. It is the socialization process which teaches the infant how to create one unified witness (being) out of two distinct beings. In the same way that we are somehow able to blend two distinct visual scenes into one view in our attention, so too are we able to blend a zillion separate awarenesses into one overarching consciousness which we feel as "us." This is what is meant by focus – focus is achieved by ignoring information, screening out the fact that there is not a single view going on, but multiple views. We call this focus importance; it is what creates our lower self, our sense of separatedness.

We have learned how to do this blending or uniting of separate awarenesses into one being as part of our evolutionary heritage since we were one-celled beings. These zillion separate awarenesses are what we have termed light fibers – which we apprehend as feelings – which tend to agglomerate or agglutinate here and there in the universe; and where groups of light fibers agglomerate they start issuing thought forms – a separation between observer and observed – i.e. a separated being. But actually all that we are is a momentary focus – a momentary conjunction of disparate tendencies that for a fleeting instant have a solidarity, and then disperse once again; but to us it seems like lifetimes and lifetimes. But all we really are, are mayflies caught up in wheels within wheels.

The "unbending solidarity" which these awarenesses have for one another is what Castaneda termed his life force, and which we term striving. Striving is the sum total of the changes which all the zillion separate awarenesses are going through. Striving is what animates the swirl of the thought forms in the akashic records – what we take as time. Striving is the real cause or source of what is going on; moreover, this constant change and flux is completely random and chaotic. For example, it has nothing whatsoever to do with competition for scarce resources, as the materialists would have it. So to try to conceive of it at all we focus on arbitrary levels, and divide the lowest (most "recent" or "closest") levels of movement – those relating to humanness – into four, which are the Four Faculties or moods. But this is merely a convenience to enable us to get a handle on the unspeakable.

Your perception unfolded its wings when something in you realized your true nature. You are a cluster. … The nagual is the unspeakable. All the possible feelings and beings and selves float in it like barges, peaceful, unaltered, forever. Then the glue of life binds some of them together. … When the glue of life binds those feelings together a being is created, a being that loses the sense of its true nature and becomes blinded by the glare and clamor of the area where beings hover. … As soon as the force of life leaves the body all those single awarenesses disintegrate and go back again to where they came from. – Carlos Castaneda, Tales of Power

All any sentient being is at any given moment of time is a set of tendencies this way and that; and the force which makes them appear to be a single, separated, being persisting in linear time is death. Death is what keeps separated beings separated. First there's birth, and then this happens, that happens, and the other happens; and then there's death. That personal history, or album of thought form snapshots, is made of death; that is to say, the collection of thought forms apparently taking place in linear time – which separated beings perceive as their lives – that matrix of individuality, is just death. That's all death is: the sequencing of an arbitrary collection of thought forms. Many of those same thought forms are bound up in other collections with other deaths and those are what we have termed probable realities (Body of Fate). Death is what keeps these thought form collections or lines of memory separated.

The real movement or emanation lies beneath the thought forms. Although it seems to Mr. or Ms. Sentient Being that they persist in time and space, in fact they are in a constant flux as all the zillion separate awarenesses which make them up go hither and thither. All there is at any given moment are tendencies this way and that, like schools of fish that momentarily are oriented in the same direction. The tendencies this way and that we apprehend as the moods which inform the moment (mold the thought forms which sentient beings create, i.e., the events which happen to them in their lives). These tendencies in turn are influenced by the complete pattern of evolutionary memory of all the thought forms which have ever existed and ever will exist; namely the akashic records.

(excerpted from The Great Wheel, Copyright © 2008 by Bob Makransky. All rights reserved).

aferrismoon said...

Flicked therough SOUTHLAND again and saw a monkey in a machine, kinda Thothy.
Also the Latin used for South = Aus as in Australia , so OZ agin. Who's the Wizard , where's the Wizard, your'e the Wizard , the Wizard is flow

Bigevil said...
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Bigevil said...
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Bigevil said...
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Bigevil said...

Hey Steve I just found this sync thats absolutely perfect for you, the episode of Pokemon entitled
"Challenge of the Samurai" with the theme of Ash Katchum's pokemon
metapod (an evolved cocoon form of caterpie) transforming into
"Butter(free)" or an evolved Butterfly pokemon after the metapod out of love for his trainer throws himself in front of a Saturnian beedrill's sting to protect him...& this episode first aired in the U.S. on of all days.....September 11th, 199(8). than that I am not sure if I am correct about there being an octagon above Wrestlemania X8 Rock vs. Hogan, from some shots it looks more like a Hexagon, I'm not sure yet..but at Starcade 1997 where the Scorpionic Sting fights Hollywood Hogan there is indeed a giant metallic octagonal structure suspended from the ceiling. You can see it quite clearly at the end of the match. Lastly, going back to the Over the Edge 1999 May 23st Owen Hart ppv where he fell to his death, the opening of the ppv has the Undertaker giving a dark speech and it also has the undertaker symbol (a variation of a cross) being struck by lightning and set aflame and a kundalini serpent coiling around it which reminded me of your burning tower video a little bit so maybe that ppv symbolizes revelation or something and I suspect this might somehow symbolically relate to owen hart's untimely death. but yea..those were just some pedantic things I found interesting, the main thing is the pokemon sync, I hope you find that helpful and interesting. I'm searching through all the shows I grew up watching looking for synchronicities related to the 9/11date thats the third one I've found so far.

Bigevil said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bigevil said...

oh yea & going back to the WWF/E's Christ figure the Undertaker one more time. I've been speculating that Paul Bearer his manager who holds the urn is symbollic of the man with the water pitcher in the Bible ie Aquarius. I already sent u a resurrection storyline involving Paul Bearer and the Undertaker from 1994 with the octagonal casket, but recently they repeated that storyline in 2004 at MSG and Paul Bearer his old manager made a surprise return. Another thing that is interesting to me is that the opening of the Christ/Undertaker's theme music is a "Gong" sound which is used to frighten his opponents who usually in the storyline think he is permanently dead before he resurrects. I speculate that perhaps that is in some way symbollic of the last trump/tone/sound or vibration that is supposed to occur before the "resurrection" (the resurrection storyline) ostensibly in the age of aquarius (possibly symbolized by Paul BEARER/or perhaps should I say water BEARER as the urn I believe symbolizes Aquarius. The Undertaker's evil brother who wears red & black whom he fights is named "Kane" which is obviously a biblical reference.
What makes this slightly more interesting 2 me is that at the beginning of this major PPV event they had an opening where they sang the national anthem and showed an image of the to be completed 2012 Freedom Tower which perhaps syncs all these themes together somehow. One other thing 2note is the Undertaker is always surrounded by torch bearing druids in the storyline which perhaps might slightly support Michael Tsarion's proposition that Christianity has something to do with Celtic Druidism as Taker is an obvious Christ-figure....he even has a cross in his entrance video and his own version of the cross which completely gives it away.

s said...

your work is amazing!

Bigevil said...

Hey, I dont know if u got my other comment it was basically a bunch of my habitual excessive novice irrelevent synchromystical free association & 1 sync u may have found useful, the September 11th, 1998 episode of Pokemon "Challenge of the Samurai" I believe which had the caterpillar 2 a butterfly effect. This is also interesting it is a September 11th, 1993 episode of Sailor Moon "Naughty 'N' Nice" which has
Sailor Pluto (possibly Scorpio) giving Rini a key that the character says will allow her to travel "timespace" as she calls it as Sailor Pluto guards the corridor of spacetime in the storyline. It also has a lot of 8-pointed star symbolism.

Anonymous said...

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