Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Transformation of the Human Caterpillar

Thought I'd give writing a go - New video arrives from my third eye parabola in a week or so. I just caught some intresting syncs in the all star cast driven "The Air I Breath." A drama based on an ancient Chinese proverb that breaks life down into four emotional cornerstones: happiness, pleasure, sorrow and love. A businessman (Whitaker) bets his life on a horse race; a gangster, (Fraser) sees the future (All seeing EyE); a pop star (Gellar) falls prey to a crime boss (Garcia); a doctor (Bacon) must save the love of his life. With the recent Butterfly metaphors witnessed in "I Am Legend" - I thought it was interesting to have another transformation themed Flick so soon.
"Does anybody know how the story really goes?"
Whitaker is Neo-like in his indifference towards life. He has punched the old 9-5 clock once too many times - Like many of us have - Well not me, because I lack the industrious gene - or so I quietly jest. The glare of the same eye cancer inducing computer monitor day after day - the sea of beige khaki - The stale lukewarm coffee - and the insidiously lurking Lumberg-like charicter circling your desk - eyeballing your incomplete TPS report from a safe distance. It's inhuman - We've plugged in - and accepted something that eats away the soul like a corrosive acid - added sugar or some less fattening additive - and swallowed - and swallowed again. Being the sentimental type - Whitaker over-hears a plan to fix a horse race - The horse is named butterfly - A butterfly had just recently landed on his bedstand the night previous, and he took this as a sign - there is no spoon - there is no cooincidence.
So he nervously bets his life savings on the horse - $50,000 - Things don't go as planned of course - And as the all seeing eye (Fraser) places a gun with a Butterfly embedded design into Whitaker's hands - Alice tumbles down the all too familiar rabbit hole.
Brendan Fraser's charicter was the most intreaging to me. From a very young age he was blessed/cursed - to be able to see into the future - and was usually powerless to do anything about it. He is quoted in the film - "When you can see the future - you think you'd be capable of changing it - But you're just a witness to coming moments - unable to help - even if you wanted to - and maybe - I don't - I think sometimes the things you can't change - end up changing you" It's interesting to have him standing in front of the Hexagon here - just like a worker bee - living out his cog in a wheel existence - letting habituation and routine distract him from even the amazing ability to see around the curve of space time.
In a traumatized state - from watching what would happen to him (and his fingers) if he did not pay (Garcia) the 50K debt he owed - Witaker nervously stumbles into a bank with the butterfly gun and attempts a half-cocked robery. The picture is cut off slightly - But we have our caterPILLAR standing in front of two reversed K's in the word BanK - thus the Pillar of transformation and the 2K 11:11 phenomenon being brought together nicely here.
Witaker then tries to flee the scene - getting hit by a car in the process - and stealing a red motorcycle with the word "Steel" or "Steal" written across it - just added flavor I suppose. He then dashes up the stairs of a large building passing the Alice checkerboard as Swat helicopters swarm over head like an angery hornet's nest.
As he stands there viewing his fate from an outside perspective like a video game programmer would view binary code - Something amazing happens - A transformation - Laughter erupts - the Caterpillar breaks loose from the cacoon - He is Free - He will never go back to his boring job - his pointless pursuit for more physical items in a material world - to suggestion or depression - or to all of the things that make this world resmble hell - He steps into the Crowlean Triforce of power - Throws the bag of money off the top of the building - Takes his new Butterfly wings - and sets loose the mortal coil - No longer a part of the collective in a negative way - but a part of the universal collective of the cosmos - an awesome spectale of light and pure vibrating love.
Fraser's charicter also remarks about Cooincidence - Curiously - and perhaps not intentional in the script - He runs past the number 23 in a daring escape.
Sarah Michelle Gellar plays a key role in the film as well - She is an Alice resonator - as she will star in "Alice," a psychological thriller based on the hit computer game. And she was also in STP's video, "Sour Girl" - which had a white rabbit motif. In the video game, Alice is the only survivor of a catastrophic event that kills her family and wrecks the world as she knows it - This is quite similar to what happens to her charicter in "The Air I Breath."

In a really bizarre twist of space time phenomenon that connects your's truely to Scott Weiland (Singer of STP) - My Papa Dukes, who is a well known Psychiatrist - Treated Scott for one of his more recent attempts to quit opiates. My father rarely tells me about famous patients he has treated - but he knew I liked the band - and disclosed this strange bit of info - What makes it even weirder is that Mr. Weiland was going by the name "Steve" - to ward off the press while undergoing therapy here in South Florida.


aferrismoon said...

As well as the cut-off-K, there are also 2 Ks on the glass door . As u walk in there's 1 K and on walking out there's the reverse K.
At school we get taught that a Triangle has 3 connectors , 1 face and angles adding to 180 degrees. Yet most in this part of Universe has 2 'sides', though our society tends to 'see' just the 'surface' and works from that premise.
the Hexadoor reminds me of the hexagonal key-holes, esp. on bicycles. They have those special screwdrivers called Alen keys, or however they're named in the US
Pillar - simply amazing considering the supposed transformative qualities of the Pillar destruction on 9/11 to the Human caterpillars.
In French it means hairy cat, and in Swiss they call it the Devil's Cat.
Then the CATerpillar tracks of tanks and construction machinery - leading to the company called CAT which has a big yellow pyramid as its logo
Good read - cheers

FilmNoir23 said...

Odd combo given that Gellar is very anti-drugs (from my understanding)...not sure why she would associate herself so directly with someone with about as much drug stigma surrounding him as anyone? Hmmm

Jake Kotze said...

Thanks for writing Steve. Please do it again...

soundlessdawn said...

Yes I am seeing K's everywhere: Keira Knightley, Kriss
Kristofferson, etc. Hexagons, Triangles, Polygons - Signs of the hologram we're in. The green raining code of our matrix.

Didn't know Gellar was so anti-drugs - Don't see how you can play Alice never having tried Psychedelics? ;D She was in Southland Tales as well - Still trying to wrap my head around all of those metaphors.

Thanks Jake - I'll try and write more for sure - can't always squeeze everything in the Vids as you know. Will we be seeing a new Kotze mindtrip anytime soon? - or are you still having editor issues?

Jake Kotze said...

New vid? No plans yet, but that could change fast. Haven't even bothered to try Editor in a while, maybe an update from Microsofts pyramid on the dark side of the moon has fixed my problem, who knows...

Anonymous said...

scott looks good in this video
and where does that Papa Duke saying come from. My friend used to say Mama Duke all the time.

ericswan said...

I had a very strange thing happen to me last night and whether it fits into this blog or not, I'll leave it up to you.

I'm a receiver. I unload trucks for a grocery store. We work graveyards. My last trailer was leaving the yard at 1 AM PT. I could relax. As the truck pulled away, I take that quality time thing to look up into the heavens. That near full moon just recently eclipsed, was worth a moment of contemplation. A cloud was rolling up toward it and I wanted to see if the cloud would reveal itself as one of those chemical soup deals from a chemtrail. This is detected by a rainbow hue to the cloud. It wasn't conclusively a chemspew but as I took notice, it had a square spaped black hole directly in the middle of it. The wind was driving the cloud between me and the moon and the square black hole was going to line up perfectly to frame the moon. The moon didn't show. The black hole was a black object above the cloud. There was another "hole" more to the edge of the cloud. I watched the moon through the cloud approach the second irregularly shaped hole and sure enough the moon shone brightly through.

caterpillar engine said...

Solid performances from an all-star cast bring this ensemble drama to life. As parallel stories unfold, the viewer discovers unlikely connections between several seemingly unrelated people. Though the film is divided up into segments entitled "Happiness," "Pleasure," "Sorrow," and "Love," the mood is melancholy overall. Splattered with violent acts, THE AIR I BREATHE touches on the aforementioned themes and more, pondering the meaning of life and death through characters who live on the edge and risk everything for the thrill of joy, chance, and escape, even if that means death. The film begins with Forest Whitaker playing a bored and frustrated nine-to-fiver who feels stuck in his routine. After taking a huge risk on a whim and losing it all, the doomed businessman has the unlucky fortune of meeting with Brendan Fraser's character, a numb hit-man who feels no remorse until crossing paths with a troubled pop star (Sarah Michelle Gellar). At the center of much of this chaos is Fingers (Andy Garcia), a ruthless villain intent on killing anyone who gets in the way of his success. Though the plot at times feels contrived with all its strategically placed coincidences, writer-director Jieho Lee anchors the film with clever editing and a thoughtful script, which is careful to cover events from multiple points of view. Julie Delpy and Emile Hirsch give dimension to the stories as secondary characters whose actions become central to the plot.

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