Monday, February 11, 2008

The Kentroversy Tapes

- Listen to Interview -


kean said...

so who sells the best monoatomic gold?

soundlessdawn said...

They sell the best and cheapest WPG made from Arizona soil - Still trying to find a reliable source for Ormes made from 99.9% Gold and Platinum - It's much more powerful - and quite rare. I have tested my white blood cell count before and after taking - Raised my immunity by almost 30% after 1 hour - Took 1 Gram Sublingual. About 100x's the potency of Vitamin C.

Jake Kotze said...

Thanks for another clear and open explanation of synchromysticism.

Great work Steve


aferrismoon said...

When I was younger the water-babies were really popular in the Sov-Union, I remember the SUNDAY TIMES did a big thing on it . Looked interesting, and I wonder why it's not so popular despite all the tech we got, and the 'alternative' to State Medicine .
Every once in a while I try the L-Tryptophan and there's a definite increae in body-unity. How do u do the White Blood Cell count [dracula]?

I was thinking about the Egyptian resonance in our society . Much of it came out in the 20's with Art Deco and that was a GOLDEN age. The Films around the 20's often lean to richesse and luxury [ Great Gatsby and Batman]. I notice many cars and big toys get the retro 20s or 40s [ the 20s left untouched 'til the 50s] look.
Can u take Monatomic Gold with Tamazepan with out adverse effects?

aferrismoon said...

Also 'SPINNING' , [ like Kent's kid] - There's an 'exercise' using RAVEL's BOLERO. While spinning to thi piece put the high notes in the Crown, the middle range in the heart and the lowest in the genitals, and spin .

soundlessdawn said...

Cool info Aferris - Tamazepan - That's an insomnia drug right? - Sorry - need some elements from the transition metals like gold or platinum to make Mstate - It's quite abundant in certain soil. Friend's with a Doc over at Nova SE University - He did the blood cell count - and is now publishing a paper on it. But yes - I am also a Vampire, so that might have corrupted the test results. ;D

aferrismoon said...

For whatever reson I thought u were or are taking Tamazepam for your jaw. Maybe I just mixed the comments somewhere in my mind.
It will be very interesting for people on Chemotherapy as their White Bloodcell Count drops drastically and really inhibits healing and the motivation to heal.
They have uranium mines here in Czech, perhaps I'll go for that soil and become El Lumino or someother DIY superhero.
Seriously though, merely the idea of preparing our own medicines reinstates our self-sufficiency status, and our individuality - by which I mean One Drug does not fit all as Pharmacom and Monotheism may prefer.
All the boost

JM said...

Enjoyed both your recent interviews very much.

All the talk about time travel reminded me of Terence McKenna's ideas about an 'attractor' at the end of history (an Omega Point) drawing us towards it. Rather than history pushing us from the past, he thought that it was just as likely that we were being pulled by the future towards some kind of conclusion or closure.

He also reckoned that we are increasingly experiencing ripples from this event travelling back in time giving us a taste of things to come, which might explain all the syncs.

soundlessdawn said...

Yes lovely description! - Human's look at the fabric of the universe and thus time with a lack of perspective - We only focus on what's relative. We receive messeges from possible future timelines at a constant rate, it just refreshes faster than a hummingbird flaps it's wings - Therefore a probable future will always heavily influence the present.

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