Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Crystal Skulls

The new Jones film will indeed revolve around the alien phenomenon.
"He protected the power of the divine."
"He saved the cradle of civilization."
"He triumphed over the armies of evil."

The biggest spoiler of the trailer: a shot of a box with the words "Roswell, New Mexico 1947" etched on the side in white paint. Assuming that Lucas has decided to follow the tradition, here, finally, is indisputable evidence as to what the powers of the crystal skulls are. Again deferring to the expert, Dr. Zender posited that one theory on the origin of the crystal skulls was that they were ancient alien "supercomputers," akin to modern-day silicon chips. Indy is now after an even greater weapon — ultimate knowledge - and uniting human/alien consciousness once and for all.


Adam Star said...

ETs would certainly be an interesting place for Lucas and Spielberg to take the story, all things considered. I saw this trailer just the other day, but watching it now, I'm pretty sure that the warehouse with all those crates in the trailer is the U.S. government's storage place seen at the very end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, so you know, the place where they store all the really good stuff, like the Ark itself. That's freaking awesome.

soundlessdawn said...

I won't be satisfied unless the ending is Harrison Ford in Android form - Flying down in a gigantic mothership on 2012: To say something sarcastic like, "no ticket" or "I forgot my hat."

Brandon said...

in your "Cthulhu Mythos" video. I think you mentioned Krull/Kroll a couple of times.

Kroll Securities ran security at the WTC complex during the 'attack'

another connection to everything really-water-stargate(s)-wtc gate

ghrency said...

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Anonymous said...

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