Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cosmic Keys, Archaic Man, and The ShapeShifting Lizard Kings

With the threat of martial law, the collective mind's desire for vindicating the story of Revelation, and a possible global catastrophe on the horizon corresponding with the 2012 Eschaton, We must level the chess board - and bring an equilibrium or balance to the vibration of this planet if we wish to avert some of these challenging obstacles in our perceived future. Follow me through the rabbit hole - as we uncover the 'Reptilian' influence that has been demoralizing, enslaving, and corrupting humanity for thousands of years - and it's unlikely expressive medium - 80's cartoon shows.

Visit Project Camelot for more information concerning the statement from the Norwegian politician.
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kean said...

I've been bathed in anticipation for your next video... and it was worth the wait. Two thumbs up. Fine holiday fun.

soundlessdawn said...

Appreciate it Brother. ;S

A.V. Michaels said...

Great to see the Planet X topic addressed. Perhaps the imminent catastrophe will also create a new reality, one we're not supposed to find out about, in terms of consciousness.

Can't believe what they put into those cartoons, just astounding.

The_Stranger said...

Dude, I remember watching these cartoons all my childhood!

The_Stranger said...

Oh and GREAT WORK btw!

Tony D said...

Thanks for getting the PX stuff up, and for accounting for the reptilian parasitic consciousness. It seems to be the flavor that the Western Unconscious manifests as the Other, right? Of course, we all have the reptile brain, so the balance is key.

There's some really good rap out there that I've been a part of that synthesizes these topics and is very empowering, aka the Reptilian Body Snatcha movement...see ATMA, Sick Since, 7th Sun, and my own Wanderlust page, linked on my blog.

Additionally, I would really like to make some beats for your videos...check my sound out and let me know if you're down for some collaborative work there.

One other thing...I am curious what you think about reverse speech analysis, because this lady has been coming up with some findings that really take this stuff to the next level...


I suggest watching her video introduction for starters. She claims that Earth will be protected and that those on Nibiru actually plan to cast the reptilians to a hell dimension and restore "balance" on earth as Planet X passes, but the interesting thing there is that our moon would have to be damaged in this process...

Secret Sun said...

Bravo! Very exciting- and well produced- sync bonanza!

soundlessdawn said...

Hey Tony - I'll check out your blog shortly - that would be great if we could collaborate on something. The Planet X topic is lumped into an ever growing collection of unknown events due to occer as the 2012 eschaton approaches. I have been viewing some striking images of a reddish planet sized object from solar telescopes over at Godlike Productions - and I do think it exists - The Sumerian's were too clever about everything thing else, for this just to be a metaphor. I think of the Earth as a schoolhouse - and for some angelic force to come down here and rid us of all our problems and parasitic neighbors - doesn't sound very much like a learning experience to me.. But I'm not one to crush optimism - I hope we are indeed 'rescued.'

And - Thanks Mr. Knowles - glad you enjoyed!

aferrismoon said...

Had to steal a clip or two from this one.
The Substance - D farm 'feels like' the idea of these secret bunker escape modules. Large things taking shape, almost intangible, a scratchy sound in the recesses of a recording.
Perhaps they're for growing new flowers, new crops.
Norway aren't in the EU either.

Giant Sloth said...

Awesome...you even managed to fit in a clip from the 80's homophobic classic "Monster Squad."

If I may, I'd like to suggest an amendment or an alternative to your poll question. How about:

What reality do you hope to manifest on Dec. 21st 2012?

And include the McKenna option "Concrescence."

Thanks for your work man!

soundlessdawn said...

Glad you enjoyed the monster squad cameo! - What's really cool - Is the clip I included, if you remember - The Fat Kid says after killing the reptile/fish man - "My name is Horus!" Reptilian Egypt connection once again.

Giant Sloth said...

Oh man, you're right! Good catch!

dedroidify said...

Great work as usual, can't wait till the next vid. There was this Ice-T flick playing on TV recently, Surviving the Game. About the rich who hunt the homeless in a forest. While looking up at the sky in the morning while it's still dark the bad guy says: "that's sirius, the dog star." and his buddy asks him after that: "you think we'll find Mason?"
incredible :p

Giant Sloth said...

dedroidify, Dude that is amazing...Is it possible that Ice-T is a fan of Grant Morrison's "The Invisibles"?

There's also a Ice-T and Afrika Islam song called "New World Order" that samples Jordan Maxwell, and there's another one by The Wu Tan Clan, "The End", that sample him as well.

For that matter, Public Enemy was hip the New World Order long before that.

Consciousness in rap!!!

dedroidify said...

Could be man. Yeah I heard that Ice-T song, gotta check out that Wu-tang clan track though!

I recently put a post on a lot of conscious rap on my blog up.

Synkronos23 said...

Cosmic Keys....that is a very good description of all of this.

I know that I tend to run on a bit...but I don't have a great deal of time lately.

I think you are doing some awesome work here and have touched on some important areas.

I really enjoyed watching this video and something that came to mind with the mention of the moon being destroyed reminded me that on the Apollo landing of the moon, they say that the the masonic astronauts did a ritual claiming the moon in the name of Lucifer. Another thing that came to mind was the connection with Set and the Sirius star system. As you may already know Anubis was the God of the underworld and called the Dark Messenger and there is the feminine equivalent Typhon. Which is serpentine in depiction. Sirius has a connection to Anubis because of his jackal head. Sirius is recognized as the Dog star and worshiped by many civilizations. I also feel as though Set can be classified in with these gods. Set is supposedly the soul sucking or energy sucking god. These are the opposite god forms or opposing god forms and there are actually 3 stars in the Sirius Star system which represent Isis (Sothis), Osiris and their sun, Horus and strangely enough the Great pyramids line up with these stars. Sirius A is actually a binary star system and has an invisible companion or dark star and a White dwarf Sirius B. This would be considered a vortex or black hole. Could it be possible that this is some type of space-time vortex or the remains of a planet that our ancestors may have been from that was destroyed? {possibly this is what happened with the moon and other planets} possibly this world we live in is the product of the one mind consciousness. The cosmic ego of us all?

If the universe is in a spiral pattern and the Constellations form what they consider a "dragon" or pole teli when they all connect...they become something greater than the singular star/planet. Another thing to think about is that eventually we will come in contact with whatever caused the past calamities. The flooding will happen again, the earth is round and the universe spirals the same patterns...all traveling together. If we study the past we can prepare for our future.

I think that this might be where the mythology is based off of. A previous destruction of a world and the primal fear of it happening again. This white dwarf companion was said to have been a star (planet)collapsed 120 million years ago. Sirius A is 23 times brighter than the sun and what is it with the altered axis of our Earth that is lined up at a 23.5 degree angle and points to the direction of this star system like a sun dial. I agree that the ancient astronauts of Nibiru and Sirius who helped found our civilizations had vast knowledge of the stars...could it be that their mythologies manifested the heavens around us into being?

I also think that we should look towards the balance of the pole...the nodes and I like that you bring up music. I have some ideas on the elements and auric/sonic frequency and connection to arabian, egyptian, chakras,sephiroth, and eastern calendar systems and the correlation between music. If you look into numerology and the 8 circuit model of consciousness you will also find a link between the black and white notes (sun and moon, polarities)even the enochian ties to the chessboard. I believe these are what the keys of a piano are based off of, enochian calls to the ancients or vibrations, I believe the piano was based originally on seven levels of frequency but were altered to 8 later...Each level or key/note registers to a different plane or state of consciousness. I don't know how to explain it. But these are things I thought about when I watched your video.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey there!
You should have a look at this!
It's creepy when considering what you've just been picking up on the "doomsday vault"...

here in norway it was broadcast.
the opening of the vault.
Notice the polarbear at the beginning and all the other symbolism..again, creepy!


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