Monday, December 24, 2007

Through the Stellar Window

Approaching the Solstice Celestial Alignment (December, 2007)
(image created using Starry Night software

Winter Solstice 2007

The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto conjoin--just as Pluto aligns with the Galactic Center for the first time in 250 years. All this coinciding with Winter Solstice; the Sun's southern solstice is currently closely aligned with the Galactic Equator and within a short few degrees of it's closest approach to the Galactic Center. The importance of this event is great--perhaps the most significant celestial event of the new century.
Also closely aligned with the Winter Solstice, the Full Moon will conjunct Mars on December 23. Mars is currently nearly exactly opposite the Sun. The Sun-Mars opposition is exact December 24 at 11:47 a.m., Pacific time. This part of the celestial event offers a beautiful view of Mars and the Moon forming a large pentagon with some of the brightest stars in the sky (see depiction above).

Blessings for your Solstice Journey!
Here's a gorgeous close up shot of the Moon and Mars in the pentagramic alignment - Something strange was in the air on that evening for sure!
Comet 17P Holmes - It's reaction to a plume of photonic energy emanating from the galactic center.
The Jaguar is stalking - Soon to be followed by Quetzalcoatl ("feathered snake" or "plumed serpent")
All images courtesy of the Eagles Disobey Forum - Keep up the great work guys!


hoi polloi said...

Thank you for pointing this out. I wondered what was going on.

soundlessdawn said...

Hey Ms. Polloi - Your Blog is set to invite only now - am I invited? ;D

Anonymous said...

Hey ho!

I want to share this synchronicity triggered by ur Cassini video
I hope you like it, its wild ;)

It's as short as I can write it and give enough structure....

Well wen i was a child, say 4yrs, I saw an 'Educational' prog saying how the sun would die in 4 billion years

Wow I was scared having no concept of time and worrying for my family and everyone COS CHILDREN ARE FULL OF LOVE AND NATURALLY OPEN HEARTED
......don't you know.....
I had nightmares.......and I had a dream to drop fuel on the sun to keep it alive........

I got into Yoga in my early 20's wen my teachers came back to me...
reincarnation is real....

Quite a few years later and after a lot of reliving memories, it was in 2006 that I found out who I was in a life that was too abstract to discern until then but with hindsight BLATANT on many levels...
I had been a war photgrapher in the Spanish civil war, WWII and Korea...

...I'll post some of my pics and send you a few in appreciation 4 ur vids...

Anyway after seeing your video I got out the film Sunshine both of which I enjoyed a lot....
and do you know what???

The physicist in the movie, you know the guy who faces the surface of the Sun and merges in fire right at the end?
The guy who let the bomb off?
His name is Robert Capa
That was my name once...I found out...
And he reignited the sun or at least had a dream to do that once many moons ago

Hope you liked that cos ur vid spurred me to get the movie out...

I havn't set up a blog proper yet as I have some work and revision to do before I'll have time...

I've had a lovely powerfully synchronous New Year I found a pyramid and Gandalf has defeated Sauron in style,...

Hope your 2008 is a cool odyssey

Namaste ;<)

soundlessdawn said...

Thanks very much for sharing - I look forward to the pictures. The film "Sunshine" - blew my mind as well - So many events connect Manhattan island - with a interstellar Stargate event. We have Arthur C. Clark's Rendezvous with Rama and the Transformers Christ Cube, and the "Project Lucifer," Cassini interpretation. All imagery slightly giving way to a larger solar event - that may happen in our lifetime. Very exciting things on the road ahead for sure.

Anonymous said...

Duck & Cover! ;<)

Anonymous said...

I got chance to listen to your interview on Red Ice, nice one dude.
I have a few things I wanted to share to do with Planets and stuff concerning the weirdness of indiscriminatly BOMBING other worlds?
Like Iraq?
What if someone lives there?
And if Saturn is hollow and you aim for the poles?
But also to do with the energy manifested in planetary bodies and systems....
Well there's quite a few things to write but while I was pondering this came to me....

The acceptance of death

There are so many conscious bubbles scared of the inevitable that they hold on to everything and try to preserve their reality at all costs
(costs to others) when really theres nothing to be scared of given understanding that all the more in tune cultures preserve
The day you accept your mortality is the day you become grateful for life and living and the quality of the lives of other people which is really your own

Everyone is you

In Lak'ech - I am another yourself
in the Mayan

This thought lead me on to a
M L King speech I heard recited on one radiorbit show the matter of was a bit like this....
If your 38 and you don;t live your truth and do what is right for fear that you will lose your life because you want to live until your 90 then if you live until your 90 in reality you were already dead when you were 38
But he says it a lot more precise and eloquently
Well living in group denial exports collective pain abroad just as in dumping in a relation with all its consequences
I left my email up on my blog be good if you drop me a line and I can stop hogging yours! ;)
Have some good days........

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