Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Violet, Vishnou, Venus, Vixen, Vortex

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The Cinquefoil (from the French, five-part) is a five petaled rose found in Christian symbolism of the Middle Ages. The five-petaled rose is often found affixed to the tops of Gothic arches, the vesica pisces-shaped doorways and windows thought to represent the womb of Mary. Some historians have speculated that the rose in Gothic architecture is a secret symbol of the feminine principle, one of a multitude of hermetic symbols found in these churches.

The symbol itself dates back to Roman times, where it was called the "Rose of Venus." The rose, with its characteristic five petaled shape mimicked the pentagrammatic path traced by the planet Venus in the night sky. This, combined with the flower's natural beauty, made it an obvious symbol of the Goddess of love. Aleister Crowley combined the rose emblem with the Unicursal hexagram to symbolize the divine union, and the magical number eleven. It's interesting to note that the galactic alignment is scheduled for exactly 11:11 on Dec. 21st 2012.. and of course the eleven in 9/11. Tracing between the petals reveals a perfect pentagram.

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Thanks to Todd Cambell from Through the Looking Glass, Adam from the Cosmic Cube for all the great "blue" people research, Vapo, NewWorldOder, Gosporn, Aferrismoon, Ms. Hoi Polloi, George Kush, and of course Jake Kotze for their help in putting this one together.. My thanks list is growing.. I think Synchromysticism is here to stay for quite some time.

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FilmNoir23 said...

This is your masterwork Steve...

I love you!

soundlessdawn said...

Aww shucks.. Love ya too.

hoi polloi said...

[!!!!] Beautiful. This was amazing :**

Joshua said...

Love is the key, no doubt about it.

aferrismoon said...

Aha . the Flys Eye - Fuller constructed The Fly's Eye Dome.
The wondeful TubeTV app. downloads your vid as I speak[ yes talking to myself as I write].
Ve Veri Vniversum Vedi Vici , or therabouts. I have conquered the Universe by dint of Truth, Crowleys five-footed camel . Anyhow the 5 Vs make a pentacle

Adam Star said...

Oh man, that was the coolest thing I've ever seen.

I just watched "Ultraviolet" yesterday. An amazingly provocative piece of work to say the least. There are many, many details to the movie that reveal it to be a melodrama about the action of light.

Great work. I'm beaming.

Vapo said...

Excellent composition and mix Steve..a true master of Synch and talent!

Bee Well


JB said...

Wow. I never realized that Aeon Flux's eyelashes catching a fly were resonant of a Venus Flytrap. So obvious, though. And just yesterday I wrote about blue-skinned Venusians secretly ruling over the world on my sight...

JB said...

Btw Steve, I just posted 2-3 new articles over at the Meta-Logic Café, the latest one starts out talking about your latest meta-movie, and ends with a VERY INTERESTING tidbit of info about the BEES being connected to the planet Venus. Check it out.

soundlessdawn said...

Ultraviolet.. as bad as it was.. was just loaded with symbolic imagery. The Aeon Flux Venus Flytrap was a nice surprise as well. Something cool in the vid that was unintentional was the hurricane Ivan pentagram sync up with the rotating Mario flower.. I swear it was a happy accident!
Anyway.. thank you all for the kind words.

wdpemberton said...

You suck! I hate you. I will pray for your demise. Otherwise, I thought it was pretty insightful.

Synkronos23 said...

Venus is my planet and I loved the video here. When I saw the picture of Venus in the shell it triggered me to think about the work I did on the money system and sigils being found inside of them. Here is a links to the twenty dollar coin.

To me this looks like the shell behind her...the sun rising...the shell has often been a symbol of the pi or golden mean of the universe.

It is no coincidence that Lady Liberty fits the depiction of Venus. Venus is also Aurora or Sapientia and the feminine representation of Dawn or Lucifer.

another link to a silver dollar...

I thought this picture of this book "Venus on a Half-shell" fit in rather nicely with some work you have been doing. There is symbolism towards venus, the owl (babylon and Isis/Athena), and sirius(the dog) I thought you might get a kick out of.

Another synchro that has been going on in my mind is the Bee and Apple in the restaurant Applebee's. Eris, the Goddess of war and Chaos offers the Golden apple that is the start of the Trojan war. A conflict between three rival goddesses Venus included. This reminds me of the war of the Roses between the two houses in which the apple and the bee represent. The rose of sharon and the lily of the valley. The bee is the fleur or white lotus. This also reminds me of the polarity representation of the Garden of Eden and the apple or fruit that hangs on the tree of knowledge of good and evil. You could also pull in Snow White and her poisoned apple and her falling into pseudo-death until she is awakened by the kiss of the prince.

I love that you used the footage on the genetic material of Aeon Flux and have some qualms with cancer being that my son has been fighting the battle for three years now and I am personally affected by "Environmental" disease that has been unleashed on humanity. (aids is another one that I think was given to mankind).

Synkronos23 said...

I don't want to sound like the bringer of dark tides...but an area you might want to look into is the comparison of the Sign of Vishnu with the sign that they marked the slaves and bondservants or Hebrews with was what some would call the mark of Cain and is the same symbol of Vishnu. Others will compare these symbols with the seal of solomon or the representation of the Macrocosm with the microcosm.

“I am myself, alone.”
“I climb, a claimant to the throne of heaven…
I am God still un-evolved in human form;
I have seized the cosmic energies for my use.
I have pored on her infinitesimal elements
And her invisible atoms have unmasked…
If God is at work his secrets I have found.”

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