Thursday, October 25, 2007

Snakes Through A G8

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kean said...

holy shit...

Adam Star said...

Yeah, awesome...just awesome.

It's her left, or lunar eye it appears, maybe more of a synch then it seems. Is Strawberry Shortcake Persephone? Ceres? The mind boggles.

And why does Wonder Woman have a seven-pointed star on her tiara?

It's always, always a pentagram:

soundlessdawn said...

I noticed the seven pointed star as well.. very odd.. I think Matt and Trey have to do subtle aesthetic changes like that to avoid copyright infringement.. If you notice during the Strawberry torture scene.. Wario.. from the Mario Bros. world has a "V" on his hat instead of a W.
Copyright law is retarded.

Adam Star said...

Sure, but it's there none the less, no matter what their intent. A five pointed star is easy to draw, so is a four, a six or an eight, but a seven is a bit of a trick.

Even the V on Wario. But you know me by now, nit-picking OCD. Hell, I think the Facts of Life character Tootie could be Tehuti, she used to always wear roller skates, so there's no hope for me.

FilmNoir23 said... South Park ending or something? I don't keep up with it but this onslaught of characters seems over-the-top even for Matt & Trey.

Man, I also noticed WW lack of 5 pointed star, and Wario being there (with a V no less...). Wow...

Having Popeye there (one eyed man) is pretty rich too Synchronos23 wrote about him about a month ago.

I agree that it was likely copyright issues. They have always had to make subtle changes to characters.

Vapo said...

Thanks Steve! I am wondering what they were trying to imply at the very end.."We must forget imagination".. no imagination destroys creativity = a empty mind. Wonder if the Lollipop was off center for a reason as to not offend? Part 3 should be interesting.

Bee Well and have a great day!


hoi polloi said...

Definately, the blinding of her left eye is symbolic. Osiris lost his eye to Set or Seth and Odin or Wotan, the Norse/Scandanavian God gave up his eye for the site or knowledge of the fates or wyrd. The runes. Odin was considered the All father or Creator of all things. If you look at things in the paths or the tree of life or the pillars feminine energy is the left side, it is usually the black end of the spectrum of light. It is the passive side of the universe or passive polarity in the schema of balance I'm just sorry it had to be Strawberry Shortcake :(

soundlessdawn said...

You guys may have something with the left eye symbolism.. and you notice that Jason (Knights Templar) from Friday the 13th does the dirty deed.. Poor Shortcake.

Joshua said...

I have a date with southpark and mushrooms this saturday evening.

Adam Star said...

ViølatoR's entry today mentions a scene in the Matrix Revolutins, in the Merovingian's club a woman is seen carrying a giant red apple or strawberry. Weirdness for sure. It just put me in mind of the Hieronymous Bosch "Garden of Earthly Delights" central image;

Bosch's other really famous work was his version of "The Temptation of St.Anthony".

I don't have a sum for all of this, but there's something intriguing in this chain.

Anonymous said...

Great work.

Also with the Strawberry Shortcake scene, think Trauma Based Mind Control. Several different male characters beat her, then they take her eye out.

Having a weird/mis-shappen/off color eye is a trademark of MK-Ultra style mind control. They look for that in children.

Take a look at Madeline Mcann's eye.

Again, great stuff.

ghrency said...

maybe more of a synch

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Anonymous said...

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