Saturday, October 27, 2007

Oblivion Gate, Macabre Alice, and the Great Beast 666

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Happy Halloween Synchsters! Let the gloom and frothing/gurgling/OoOzing synchromystic DOOM penetrate your Soul!

In the macabre computer game Alice.. we see the psychedelic experience gone horribly wrong, the Lovecraftian checkerboard laced atmosphere and the insane patrons you meet along the way, acknowledge and reinforce the idea that looking for the bottom of the rabbit hole.. is not for the faint of heart.. Learning said truths can lead to hallucination, mania, and amnesia.. Scared yet?? Keep telling yourself it isn't real as you tug viciously at your straight jacket belts! - and bounce aimlessly around your padded cell!

Join me on a visual expedition.. to unmask the Poltergeist curse, the Knight's Templar torture on Friday the 13th, the bizarre Sharon Tate Manson murders, And the Hellraiser Cube - Ark of the Covenant.. Costumes are mandatory.. I will be going as a cross dressing Alice in Wonderland with herpes.. No candy apples or razors please.

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soundlessdawn said...

How cool am I - First to comment on my own video! ;T

Cool little factoid about House of 1000 Corpses.. Crowley speaks from the grave!

During its box office run, the movie encountered two instances of the number '666': At the beginning of its run, when its opening weekend was $3,460,666, and at the end of its run, when its per-theater-average (the weekend gross divided by the number of theaters) was $666 per theater.

Adam Star said...

Creepily fascinating. Fascinatingly creepy. Really nicely composed. It seems this Halloween are Treats are the Tricks. I'd like to go as Agt. Cooper, but I probably should be the Sandman.

Bluekush623 said...
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soundlessdawn said...

Very perceptive BlueKush.. Freddy indeed symbolizes the Bee.. as he is commonly torn between.. the Physical and Spiritual realms.. The stripes only reinforce this.

Adam - You may get sand in your crack.. approach with caution.

kean said...

Are you convinced of the powers monatomic gold? ive looked into it a lot but can't decide if i think its metaphorical for other natural "gold" substances or not.
Have you obtained any?

soundlessdawn said...

From the studies I have read Kean.. True Ormus has incredible applications in science and the evolution of consciousness.. I recommend watching "Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark" on youtube if you find the time. The Alchemists I've talked to.. all say it is a closely guarded secret that you have to figure out for yourself - for it is tied to the Biogenetics of it's creator.. what you see sold in stores is most likely not..Ormus.. So until I figure out how to make it myself I'm not going to try it.
There is Ormus present in small amounts in Raw greens and fruits.. If you ever go on a 100% Raw diet/fast it is extremely psychedelic and mentally empowering - this I have tried. One thing is for certain.. M-State played a pivotal role in Egyptian ritual.. and they truly believed it was man's link to the god's.

Bluekush623 said...
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aferrismoon said...

Great Beast - Gore Bush
Nevertheless a spinechilling adventure. I wistfully imagined it playing to the Carpenters ' Calling Occupants, or Octopants, I know not what.
Had a couple of personal synchs with this the latest verse:
I wrote a comment to Jakes latest, and quoted from POE's 'Descent of the Mariner' , as TVTUbe downloaded the OGMAGB666 Encoded Visual Stimilu item
Peter Cushing [ I see BlueKush will start a blog] the classic Van Helsing and Movie Doctor Who
Oblivion reminds me that u mentioned Videodrome some time past . Chest-Grenade makes me think of a wierd Samson pulling honey out of the lions chest.
A G8 = Agate, the stone
adam mentioned the word[s] Sub Rosa in his blog which got me thinking of the Sub-Prime mortgage bloop, and the realisation that Primrose means Prime Rose.
I may come as Beely The Keed [ Andy Kaufmann style] , Man-Goat-Bee persona who fires Bee-ullets of Royal jelly that leaves blue stains on the stairs and chairs while riding a donkey-pyramid trying to persuade the Doorman that I really really do have a ticket.....

Adam Star said...

Sapphire Bullets Of Pure Love

soundlessdawn said...

Holy Crap... Nicholas Cage owns Saturn Films - The Wicker Man movie was a Saturn Films Production.. Can't believe I missed that one.

FilmNoir23 said...

Cages of Saturn huh? That should be noted.

Thanks for the "House of 1000 Corpses" bit...I had NO idea that was Crowley's voice. Excellent research.

JB said...

I believe I've just figured out the origins of all of these "synchro-mystic" connections we've been investigating, over at my sight ("The Time Loop Theory" over at the Meta-Logic Café).

madlocust said...

Very interesting, as usual. While flipping the channels around the other day I see a Fox News intro coming on with all this background stuff swirling around the reporter's head and then a huge beehive block of hexagrams starts spinning around in the background. Didn't last very long but it certainly caught my eye. Thanks for your videos/blog.

aferrismoon said...

I have noticed a plethora of hexagonal floaters in various types of programming - football, news, the plush decor of CSI and various other fashion polizei

Vapo said...

Hello Steve ~ Do you have any thoughts as to why Cage had a cage of Bees on his head in that movie?

Bee Well and have a great day!


soundlessdawn said...

Well - it's some kind of Pagan Saturn worship symbolism - He owns Saturn films - The bee's are used to Pacify him so they can get him in the Wicker man statue to be burned - Just part of the ritual I suppose. - Sounds to me like another variation of Project Lucifer.

ghrency said...

He did eventually make it out of the dream world in wes cravens new nightmare

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Anonymous said...

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