Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mario in Space

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThey finally did it guys.. They sent our favorite psychonaut Italian plumber into space. Now he's traversing literal Stargates, Spinning Tetrahedrons, and of course, loads and loads of Hexagon Bee Stuff. I just watched Seinfeld pushing his new "Bee" movie on Oprah.. she was wearing Bee "ears" through the entire interview.. Sheesh. I need a nap.


Adam Star said...

Man, I'm having the weirdest effin day. Today I wrote about producers executive producer Greg Beeman. I read the bee and cube related posts at Through the Looking Gass. I watched the Brave New World Order video The Cuboid Stargate dealing with Mario mushroom symbolism and Star Wars star gates. Here's where things get a little weird. I read this blog and see all this Mario bee stuff. Oh my stars and garters, I really am inside the cosmic cube.

soundlessdawn said...

Adam.. I feel the same as you.. When I saw the Mario Galaxy Bee thing, I got a little dizzy.. These syncs are really adding up.. it's enough to makes one's brain hurt.. This "M" character is no doubt the Puppet Master.. as he pops up in every single medium. Magic Mushrooms anyone?

FilmNoir23 said...

NO *F*ng WAY!!!!!!!!

Welcome to our world Adam, we've been stuck in this cube of your's for what? "6" months or so Steve?

Ah...."M"...did you notice Steve's triple "M" in the newest Heroes post?

Vapo said...

Hello Steve ~ If you have not seen this yet you might find it interesting as well.. it is a corporate demo of mushroom Mario beeing his new self. Time play is about 5 mins.

Bee Well


FilmNoir23 said...

Steve! GO watch the video that Vapo just posted. You're gonna wet yourself laughing...I promise.

Adam Star said...

Every planet has a black hole. That is interesting. What's the Queen Bee's problem? Ah, she's itchy.

Absolutely Amazing.

soundlessdawn said...

Wow.. I counted 6 or more Stargates, every planet having a black hole or vortex at the poles rings familiar indeed.. and how about the Octagon "Grand Star" Mario lands on at the end of the level!?!

Where you at Jake?

FilmNoir23 said...

Steve, see The Meta-Logic Cafe' (JB) for his thoughts (VERY interesting).

Notice the black holes located at the SOUTH pole of all the planets.

Jake has probably been working on this already. I bet he's about to unveil the Mega-Mario Cuboid Mind-Fuck any moment now...

Atlantean Times said...

Stargates everywhere,

I love the whole stargate , bee , hexagon connexion. Everytime I think about the Bee subject i KEEP THINKING ABOUT COMMUNICATION DEVICES LIKE BUMBLEBEE COMMUNICATING with the rest of the Transformers with his cone shaped antenea and the gold hexagon grilled faceplate on the old edition Star Trek communicator device. Bees resonating with communication bigstyle.

Here is an interesting blog I stumbled upon about the bees that flew too high. Some folk reckon that the bees can sense objects or particles in the Sixth dimension bringing us back to hypercubes and hyper dimensions.

Could a planet be a lower dimensional shadow of a higher dimensional entity.

Link to story:

wdpemberton said...

What in the world are you guys talking about? Bees, hexagons and cubes? Pass the spliff you're smoking, don't be stingy.

ghrency said...

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