Friday, October 19, 2007

Imagination Land

Well Sync brothers and sisters.. another great addition to the circle!
AKA NewWorldOdor on Youtube. Please read his fascinating article.
Maybe the best South Park of all time aired this week.. concerning the "Terra-ists" taking over our imagination.. As the boys travel to Imagination Land via a Sun covered Zeppelin craft.. they are greeted by such lovable characters as Count Chocula, Pan, Annubis, The Bee, Schnarf from Thundercats, Magic Mushrooms, Ronald McDonald, Decapitated Care Bears, and a talking hammer.. just to name a few. Trey Parker and Matt Stone have an incredibly sharp pop culture Wit about them.. when they started making fun of Michael Bay.. I nearly shot soda out of my nose.


iAdmin said...

Thanks a lot for the link man! There is just so much in that episode, the article could go on forever! The Sean Connery thing is starting to blow my mind..

FilmNoir23 said...

man, you're fast...I was just leaving a link for this with you...and bam! You were all over it. Just updated my newest article to reflect all the madness!!! What the hell is going on?

FilmNoir23 said...

Connery caught my attention as well...very much so. Man, that slow-mo scene with Stan hiding under the mushroom was TOO much. Ronald MacDonald running around looking for his arm...

soundlessdawn said...

There's no grand Conspiracy.. the universe is alive guys.. the universe is alive.

soundlessdawn said...

Hey Adam.. Pretty sure I saw Vishnu and some Blue Meanies in there as well.

Adam Star said...

Hell yeah, and some Narnians, mermaids, Transformers, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends characters, Mario, the Mad Hatter, Orko, the Flash, dead Smurfs :(, and burning Santa Clause (burning Santa Clause!)

Kabrony Productions said...

we are going into syncronistic mania i love it. it seems that everyday it gets better and better.

hoi polloi said...

Anubis pushed Snarf from the Thundercats down a waterslide...?

aferrismoon said...

I see the clip lasts for 4.18 which = ChYTh - an enclosure , also a beast as in genesis. Also ABRAHADABRA , from Mr.Crowley. The letter corresponds with the Chariot - no.8 [ by Sepher yetsira Tarot numbering] which I put out today in an article linked to the Merovingian and Checkerboard productions
418=11x38 which merges into George Lucas' film THX1138
Its Fast man, fast like a moving thought, but now, there's millions , in4mations doubling and accelerating , myths prove tangible while we weave weightless.

soundlessdawn said...

Indeed that was Anubis pushing Snarf.. one of the best images I've seen in my life.. you're a true poet Aferris.

FilmNoir23 said...

Anubis was by far one of the oddest characters to appear (expect perhaps Krishna) given his recent trip down the river Thames. I have a Snarf figure on my desk at work, so you know I was flippin' out when I saw this. They just opened the "floodgate" with this episode. We've got our work cut out for us now kids!

aferrismoon said...

Adding a couple of other events inthe clip:
Charlie Brown in a Yellow and Black top and after the explosion everything turns into the LOST post crash on the beach scene - excellent[ fingers steepled or pyramided Burns style]

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