Sunday, October 14, 2007

30 (3) Days of Night

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Some say the passing of Nibiru will usher in the fabled 3 Days of Darkness. With that date approaching, I suppose we all will find out for ourselves if said phenomenon is in fact literal. This has supposedly happened in Earth's history before.. most recently during the biblically referenced 3 days of night in ancient Egypt. It's fitting that as we enter this spiritual test on the road to ascension that a movie entitled "30 Days of Night" would be released. With the catch phrase in the trailer being.. "God.........No God"
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kean said...

wow.... just wow. to put that out into the public mind now is just incredible.

FilmNoir23 said...

Great connection Steve. I was looking at this movie all last week trying to figure out what the deal was with it. Beautiful work.

JB said...

I've started my own blog.

Its the "Meta-Logic Café", at

soundlessdawn said...

Yeah, I thought the Vampire theme was a nice touch.. They want to 'feed' off of our fear during the three days of darkness.. but when the sun makes it's way back into the horizon on the fourth day.. the ascension process will have leveled the playing field.. and the Kean,Kotze,Cambell trinity will be on the rampage.

Cool JB.. I'll be checking it out.

hoi polloi said...

Steve, is this clip from the movie?! I have seen that face before...

soundlessdawn said...

Yep.. What face are you referring to?

hoi polloi said...

The face of the first monster was very familiar to me.

aferrismoon said...

Dogon Dog
The Dogon tribe of Mali have worshipped the Sirius - DogStar for some years now.

ghrency said...

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Anonymous said...

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Robert said...

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