Sunday, September 30, 2007


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Hollywood star Tom Cruise is planning to build a bunker at his Colorado home to protect his family in the event of an intergalactic alien attack, according to new reports.

The Mission Impossible actor, who is a dedicated follower of Scientology, is reportedly fearful that deposed galactic ruler 'Xenu' is plotting an evil revenge attack on Earth. "It's a self-contained underground shelter with a high tech air purifying system." The facility is said to have enough room for ten people.

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Here's a plot excerpt from Hubbard's The Invaders Plan:

Heller's investigations of Earth soon reveal to him that the entire planet is in the grip of a vast organized corporate conspiracy headed by the Rockecenter corporation and its head, Delbert John Rockecenter (the similarity to "John D. Rockefeller" is one of many blatant puns and references included in the series by Hubbard.)

Rockecenter is the head of a vast oil-producing corporation that keeps the population of Earth under control by using drugs and rock and roll music to keep the population sedate. (Rock music is used in the novel to spread sexual deviancy, especially homosexuality, among the population of Earth.)

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aferrismoon said...

I bet the Rockefellers had it written to freak everyone out. In fact I imagine that 'they' get themselves written into many a media , boosting their power by making us think that a book contains - dunh-dunh-daaah - hidden secrets, when in fact they have no Global empire at all. or at least not the all-pervasive tentacle spasm that we have become all too used to. And the Rothschilds.
L Ron Hubbard
Looked in to his cupboard
And the freakin' thing was bare
So he cooked up a plan
With that Rocket-feller clan
And some bits from old Dan Dare
An invented cosmology
invented the Ology
That Thetans used humans as lairs
So they employed Tom Cruise
Put him on the news
So we can see his wierdest of stares

Happy Healing

Michael said...

There's a little Martian/Xenu/Homo joke about guys nicknamed "tripod".

soundlessdawn said...

I wonder how the hell these creepy Roths reel people in. The Travolta's and the Puff Daddy's of the world.. what's their big hook line and stinker? Donate a million dollars and we'll let you hold a mummified alien baby from the Pleiades. Occam's Razor tells me their just blowing steam up their rear.. but I always fear their wealth gives them a larger view of the iceberg.. I truly hope the extraterrestrial hand job, box seats, weekend in Cannes thing is just for show.. Cause I only have about a weeks worth of drinkable water in my apartment.. hell I don't even own a firearm.

Joshua said...

Their power is pure illusion, made manifest by those who continue to believe especially in those funny papers with pictures and heads of dead people on them, they come in various colors, according to the populace and region of the planet.

Books are written to dispel any doubt in the mind of the recipient of this spell, photos displayed at the checkout lines at food stores continue to entrance. Then the subject goes to their domicile turns on the tele and zones out downloads,etc,etc.

This is 'their' power, that's it..
Fuck the Con!

In terms of water supplies etc,
dude start! Every time we shop we buy extra cans water and such.
Peace, Joshua

soundlessdawn said...

Fuck the Con Indeed.

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