Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Operation Hellgate

Well folks, looks like I'm going to be having pretty major jaw surgery soon for a TMJ problem. This means lots of Ice Cream, Oxycotton, Wadded up bandages.. and of course VIDEO GAMES. It will be good for me to reunite with my 'inner' nerd while I am recovering. So I've been slowing upgrading my computer so it can handle the latest gaming parameters.. and I have to say I was quite shocked at the content being included in this years releases. Three struck me as being particularly menacing: Hellgate London, World in Conflict, and Bioshock.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Hellgate: London takes place in 2038, 18 years after the start of a war: London has been invaded by demons from Hell. These particular hellions are a tireless lot, and have been looking for a way into our universe for a long time. Up until recently, humans have had many champions looking to hold back the flood. Various real-world events are referenced in the background of the Hellgate story as averted crossover attempts. The Crusades were actually undertaken to fight back the minions of Hell, as was the charring of London in the great fire to wipe out the Plague. According to the story line, the famous Knights Templar were the keepers of knowledge on how to battle these demonic forces. Unfortunately, these heroes underwent a charring of their own at the hands of a jealous King Phillip IV, who hated the power they held in the world at large. While the Knights Templar survived as an organization, their numbers were severely diminished and were forced to remain in hiding to stay alive.

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World in Conflict is set in an alternate-history version of 1989. Instead of the Berlin Wall falling and communism collapsing, the Soviet Union launches an assault on Western Europe, and the United States rushes its forces in to aid its Western allies. Four months into the conflict, after the US Navy has been attrited down, the USSR launches a surprise invasion in Seattle and pushes inland.. eventually letting you experience a sample of the European conflict, battle in remote areas of the Soviet Union, and bring the fight to New York City. Tactical Nukes are a big 'draw' in the game.
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The game Bioshock has an Atlantean vibe to it.. and the underwater city the game takes plane in is called Rapture.. The plot deals heavily with genetic manipulation, and the main resources in the game are ADAM, EVE, and Money.

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The game takes place during 1960 in Rapture, a fictional underwater city secretly built in 1946 on the mid-Atlantic seabed, entirely self-sufficient and powered by submarine volcanoes. Constructed by business magnate Andrew Ryan, Rapture was envisioned as the only place on Earth that could support individualism, and populated by those Ryan believed exemplified the best in humanity. During the early 1950s, this population peaked at several thousand, though ranks of elite emerged from the rest, discomforting many.

Anyone else find these games to be telling of where the social mind-Psyops are being focused right now?


aferrismoon said...

Is that the same A.Ryan who played for the William.Hite Supremacists, a now defunct cross twixt NFL and Junkie mob-thrash
Never outplayed his brother - O.Ryan

FilmNoir23 said...

Best of luck with your surgery, and your recovery albeit difficult sounds kind of fun to me.

Those are some pretty HEAVY gaming concepts. Although I guess gamers are eating this stuff up which only creates more of it...pushing boundaries all over the place.

A. Ryan struck me as Ann Rand-ish...she has been coming up a lot for me lately as it is though. Atlas Shrugged in particular, and Alan Greenspan interview on 60 Minutes the other night he spoke about her quite a bit (they were friends apparently).

I am enjoying the blog already! Hope you get to feeling better VERY soon.

soundlessdawn said...

You guys are missing the obvious one.

The ARYAN race was a term used in the early 20th century by European racial theorists who believed strongly in the division of
humanity into biologically distinct races with differing genetics. Such writers believed that the Proto-Indo -Europeans constituted a specific race that had expanded across Europe, Iran and India. This meaning was, and still is, common in theories of racial superiority which were embraced by Nazi Germany. This usage tends to merge the Sanskrit meaning of "noble" or "elevated" with the idea of
distinctive behavioral and ancestral ethnicity marked by language distribution. In this interpretation, the Aryan Race is both the highest representative of mankind and the purest descendant of the Proto-Indo-European

And Todd.. recovery does sound fun.. but there ain't nothing fun about this:

ben singleton said...

I’ve been thinking the exact same thing about those games also for a while now (commented on a few of your videos under the name vladdie btw, i'm loving the new blog) and planned to get Bioshock and Hellgate to check them out(I got Bioshock but apparently my blatantly adequate x850xt doesnt have Shader Model 3.0, so it's just gathering dust) If I might offer up a few observations about Hellgate...

Hellgate resonated well with me for various reasons; I particularly liked the story which describes how the freemasons built the London underground (it’s symbol is incidentally from the occult, I have heard) with magical architecture to counter the demons when the Hellgate (which they therefore knew about) was finally opened as far as I can recall. The classes contain the magical cabalist (obvious connection to the magical qabalah), and the Templar (and the Hunter, but I don't see much significance in that class however).

Which brings me to the numerology in the game where I can see one significant thing in particular; of course they could always just be coincidence (like the numerological value of HELLGATE = 70 perhaps is coincidence). It is set in 2038, 2+0+3+8=13: a very significant number apparently. The aforementioned Knights Templar hold this number dear I believe as King Philip of Spain allegedly tried to destroy them on Friday the 13th in 1307 (I doubt 1307 was a coincidence as well) which makes me think that the use of 2038 as it’s date was not coincidental (because of the inclusion of the templar).

I wonder if there are any connections/connotations to the Stargate(Hellgate) Jake Kotze et al speak of, perhaps some sort of opposite or working in tandem with some stargate ritual (I'm reaching a bit ^^)

The general idea of freemasons aiding the templar (who were not just some poor helpful group; that just wanted to help pilgrims get to the holy land, as the mainstream believes, by the way; they were rich as fook and highly debauched ) to save humanity from evil demons reeks to me of propaganda/conditioning to further put into the minds of the masses that the freemasons are the ‘goodies’ and that anything bad that might happen in the future will have nothing to do with them and we should trust them to save us. Which is of course BS; they’re one section of the cabal who really run things, as we all know.

The usage of London as it’s setting could also be significant as it is famous for it’s occult architecture and of course, running the world ^^. Hellgate comes out a day after a book is being released called Occult London by Merlin Coverley (it’s on which I’ve got preordered as well so I’ll be reading that whilst playing Hellgate, nicely in sync.

Anyway, sorry for rambling on for so long, godamn that was actually very long, apologiez :)…
Final interesting point about the game:
Cthulhu Rising! (maybe)
(double click the url, then copy and paste, don't know how to make it a link)

(I wonder what the main Hellgate symbol of the circle with all those lines going through and the writing means, reminds of the Satanic Pentagram ((it isn’t one obviously)) which it was no doubt meant to.)

I hope your recuperation is swift mate, keep up the great work.

soundlessdawn said...

Cthulhu rising indeed.. Being as demons often come from a subterranean gate.. and often have Psionic powers, telepathy, etc. That thing looks just like the Mind Flayer of the D&D franchise. Perhaps a psychological cherry on the top of their mind control pie. The Templar Friday the 13th event and 2038 is certainly no coincidence.. excellent that you pointed that out.. and don't apologize for lengthy posts.. all of your info was interesting and makes for good debate.

FilmNoir23 said...

ARYAN...damn that would have friggin' bit me if it wasn't staring me right in the face...

great post Ben, also.

keep up the good work guys

hoi polloi said...

I watched part of the opening trailer of Bioshock and I have to say it was very disturbing. It reminded me of some dreams I've had... The definition of Aryan was surprising to me because the Nazi's used it to refer to fair blonde and blue eyed people, but if it represents indo-europeans I would think Aryans would be closer in appearance to Turkish or Indian people who have very different phenotypes. Strange how it evolved that way.

Crackpot! said...

Good luck with the surgery, bro. Besides the possible pain that may be associated - the combination of ice cream, video games and prescription drugs sound pretty good right not.

Looking forward to more of your superb videos in the future.


Joshua said...

Get well soon soundless.
Enjoy your inner nerd fest, will you be playing these games?

I look forward to your next video, and future posts here. Take care brother.
Peace, Joshua

aferrismoon said...

Aryan I have often thought must relate to Iran, I-raanyans, A-raanions, like Oniyons the layers peel away. Carrion
its all wierd in-breeding, pure my arse. Purity , a concept destroyed once one thinks about it - tough shit nazis and other puri-fires.
Alan Greenspan comes to Prague next month, with Cherie Blair - Cthulthu and Alice
Greenspan makes me think of bridges
or even Green Pan

wdpemberton said...

There seems to be a lot of Armageddon implications in games lately. The fear (Or desire) for the world to meet its end seems to always be a constant in every generation. This good vs evil theme is really just a war within ourselves. Humanity is this worlds' worst enemy. People who control religion and government are the devil. Video games, movies, colleges hint at their identity, but most are naive to see it. I believe the wicked 33% put the information out just to see who bites.

mystiqBlue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mystiqBlue said...

soundlessdown knows the language,I like his movies, I saw all of them,I watched them, thoroughly, he saw most of the elements of this psychedelic industry, still he have a long road ahead, when he wants to tell more truth.

ben singleton,sorry man, nothing personal, I was amaze of what you said: "Hellgate resonated well with me for various reasons"?, it's interesting what you said afterwards, but this? the game "resonate "with you?, wow, even the producers dont "resonate" so blatant.
And by the way, about those games, they have nothing in common with each other except ONE: propaganda!
think weeell!!! :-D

p.s. assassin don't sound too good, templars had assassins? neah, people will believe it, they will have the impression that templars.....kill people! so let's call him....hunter. :-D
p.s.2 I can tell you only one thing about masonery: they are no good nor evil, it's more complicated than this antagonic concepts, study for yourself. ;-)
p.s.3 when you read h. p. lovecraft you will know what that symbol means & I dont tell you... it's secret, shhhhh! :-)

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Anonymous said...

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