Sunday, September 16, 2007

Enter the Black Dragon of The Abyss

And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

Well folks, thought I'd start a Blog. I am a firm believer that Hollywood is tainting the either of human consciousness. Humans, being Apocalyptic by nature, do NOT need anymore help in manifesting this WW3, Armageddon, End Times scenario. Unfortunately, help is exactly what they are getting.

Notice the building blatantly 'sports' the 12 sides of the zodiac. A key marker as we leave the age of Pisces, of Christ, and enter into the realm of Aquarius.
The Chinese animal zodiac also operates on a cycle of months or 'moons' and of hours of the day. The dragon obviously invoking this ancient system of star charting.

William Blake between 1805 and 1810. It was during this period that Blake was commissioned to create over a hundred paintings intended to illustrate books of the Bible. These paintings depict 'The Great Red Dragon' (Satan) in various events from the book of Revelation.

And behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads. And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth.

My friend Joseph sums it up nicely:

Bush's Martial law plans, and the bridge collapses.

I have been telling people this is the month, but most just laugh...OH well! Did you notice that in the plan for the NAU that they want to turn the roads and bridges over to private companies, and it took five minutes after the bridge collapsed for the media to start yapping about what a great idea that would be?

Have you also noticed how many movies this year have been about, had elements of, or mentioned in passing Martial Law?
Even the freaking Simpsons movie shows the EPA imprisoning the citizens of Springfield and then planning to Nuke'em. There was Martial Law in the Siege, in Die Hard 4, total surveillance in the Born Ultimatum, Forced inoculations in Invasions, Harry Potter 5 was about totalitarianism in Hogwarts, and the last book, book 7, was on total Martial Law in the Wizard World, The plan to eradicate the Muggles, secret arrests, torture, alternative media, registration of non elites, the bloodline being pure and the average persons being animals, there were references to eyes in triangles, Rosicrucian symbols etc.

Ralph Fiennes
wore the mark of the Great Red Dragon and also appears very dragon-like in appearance as lord Voldemort. I honestly, knowing fairly certainly this is the month, wonder when I go to town or the store "will this will be the last time I do so freely" I think that's the point folks. The hourglass of freedom, of what we have taken for granted is on it's last grain of sand.. it's last fleeting moment.. when our world becomes an unrecognizable shadow realm. These things must come to pass before ascension to 4th density can occur. In waiting for this culmination.. for the wave to finally crash. Time can draw out like a blade.


Paradoxone said...

Hm, that looks just like a building I have seen recently sprung to life:

soundlessdawn said...

Strange lookin' condo's. LoL

FilmNoir23 said...

Very excited about your new blog! And a VERY fine first effort.

Darren said...

D-War was a fantastically horrible movie btw, I enjoyed it very much. Its exactly what you would expect if you gave Korean film makers 75 million and told them to make a movie ;0)

Joshua said...

Nice to see you in the bloggo land now. Your friend is right on about the grains o' sand. All must be 'transformed', to use another movie of this past year, before anything can change for the good, bad, whatever. Glad you started this blog, I look forward to connecting again.
Peace, Joshua

hoi polloi said...

Hi Steve! The red dragon was also a symbol of Babylon or Rome, if I'm not mistaken, much like modern day America :D

soundlessdawn said...

2012 Samuel Jackson - "I'm tired of these galactic snakes on this mthf*kin galactic plane." Hey Joshua, that bit about the sand was me actually, and yes I agree things can make a turn for the better. I wish man didn't depend so heavily on the negative sphere's to give his life purpose. There is plenty of beauty to focus on. And thanks Ms. Polloi for your red dragon comment.. very symbolic of where America's at right now. And thank you Todd.. Feel like a real Blogger now!

Anonymous said...

Both the blog and pictures are interesting.

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aferrismoon said...

The Red Dragon[ Draeg Goch] = The symbol of Wales - CYMRU. It has been for 2000 years and appears on the flag, though ignored by the Union Flag. It might be the only flag with a dragon on it.
Born in Wales I always felt a bit uncomfortable with The English Saint George spearing it. The undercurrent of all things English flows with the blood gushing forth from the Dragon's wound. Even the name Wales means 'foreigners' in Anglo-Saxon.

A.V. Michaels said...

Just wanted to add my excitement about your new blog. I'll be reading! You do an excellent job connecting the dots and pointing out the "hidden", looking forward to more.

Sinkronos23 said...

My comments on this Black dragon...the black...the yang..the dark side of the moon.

I think the dragon is a reference to many things. You can look at it through the scientists eye and see it as energy, frequency, DNA pattern, the pattern of the universe....

You can look at it from a mythology base and even though people really did believe this stuff existed there is no proof...the closest we have is the dinosaurs. Some will pursue this to a literal belief that there is an evil demon in hell that we will be condemned to spend eternity with if we don't live our lives to a level employed by the righteous majority. There is no proof of it's existence either, yet people still believe. They condemn and kill people in the name of their God and separate us and fight wars over these stupid fables!!!!

Every civilization has had a boogieman and every society is built on the ashes of its previous. These stories and archetypes all echo and resonate in each other and it's passed on through instinct and residual or genetic imprints of our ancestors through our DNA. Just like animals have their instinct, we animals have ours. Where do our dreams come from...these patterns of fear and joy are programmed inside of us before we are born and passed on to us. Why do we allow others to decide for us what our perceptions should be? Why do we allow others to decide what is good and bad. We all know the difference between right and wrong and everything in between is just the uncomfortable marriage of heaven and hell. We have to learn to live together. In harmony..It doesn't matter what name we give it. If we don't learn from the past and change it then we are doomed to make the same mistakes and repeat it. We get caught up in the labeling and defining of it all but we fail to hear and see the message.

It doesn't matter what belief system you choose to ingest because they all have the same message and all share the same defining lines of moral character or right and wrong. They all plant the seeds of disillusion and disinformation. Whatever belief system you choose to ingest, every system has their own "evil doer". A boogie man to keep us good and when these stories no longer keep us in our place they find other methods for control....but that's another subject for another day.

Some have even took these man made perceptions to a new level and believe that there are actual reptilian entities out there that are actual serpent entities...that's just not the reality tunnel that I want to feed into.

It is also entertaining to think how these stories that people believed in have manifested into other areas of our lives and that is why we make all these synchromystic links. When will people realize that we physically become what we believe as a whole and we are all connected. If you push the fears inspired and created by man on any level you are helping process the fear and keep it a live. I am not trying to bash anyone here but there are two types of information journalist out there. There are the types that that feed fear and spread disinformation and those are the types that putting out information that will help others discover truth.

The point I am trying to make is that Truth is a singular journey of the soul. No one can tell you what these things mean to you. It is up to the interpreter to decide what they mean. I get so saddened by the idea that so many people have turned off their perception and are lead. It is refreshing to see people thinking outside of the box and waking up. I just wish that more people would see what they can create and realize that they are the masters of their universe.

I have always thought that the beast wasn't any shape or form of the devil...God is both good and evil...the balance of the polarity, the scales of justice, the serpentine figure of eternity, the cross, the ankh and many other things.

I have always seen the Beast as a feminine serpent that coils around the earth...the earth is like prison captured in the coils of the zodiac which I feel is a type of aura of the earth or energy field/star gate dimensional gate.

I have never thought of the beast as a masculine entity. I see lion/dragons and as the primordial temptress lilith, Chaos, Chtulu, Eris, Babalon.....The seven heads are the seven fields of energy, the seven crowns of Europe,there are many levels to the MON(moon) ARC (ark)y.... There was always a connection with the moon and sin, evil and darkness and also with the feminine demonique principles. I think its funny how everyone always assumes that the beast is a masculine entity. There are many ways to look at this symbolism. There is the skeptic and scientific way and there is the metaphysical and esoteric side of it. I could spend hours adding to this one piece alone.

Good work Steve.....

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Anonymous said...

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